Friday, December 30, 2011

New Zealand Working Holiday & Trip

The New Zealand Working Holiday Scheme is open early of the year for every year. For those haven't go, those who missed the chance, sit still in front of your computer, pay attention to the scheme reopen date and grab your chance!! There are only limited seats!!

This post mainly is to share the information about New Zealand to all those who are interested to go for working holiday / trip there. So, if you wish to know...

Preparation for Working Holiday

During Working Holiday

After Working Holiday

Trip In New Zealand
Information for those who just want to have a trip in New Zealand!

Trip In New Zealand (From Te Puke To South Island)

Recommended Food

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Scar Removal

The things left behind accident except from the injury, the most concern part is the SCAR. I'm considered lucky because there are neither scar left on my face nor my body from the accident. 

However, SCAR have to be 'created' even though I was able to escape from scar-free. Yes, the answer is operation left me with an obvious 'created' scar.
Although the doctor told me that the scar will be fade off with time and eventually it will become not obvious. i don't know how long it going to take and that scar definitely it lower down my self esteem NOW. Whenever I stepped out from the house, I'll try to cover it up either with a scarf or with my hair. So, I officially say 'NO' to short hair again!

After the wound was completely healed, I applied the famous scar removal - Mederma which I think it is quite effective on my scar area.
I used this before and it did soften the scar. Of course, it will only effective with daily application.

However, somebody told me that there is another better scar remover which is in gel sheet form. Eagerly to try out the effectiveness, I got it and apply on my scar as written in the manual.

This thing is really expensive. It is a adhesive gel sheet made from medical grade silicon. The usage is rather simple, just cut it into the desirable size and stick it to the scar area. Repeatedly use it everyday with the time mentioned. Yes, it is reusable until it loss of adhesion or crack around the edges.

This is how it look like during apply.

So, how effective is this? I'm not sure,let me tell you another couple of month. :P

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Operation After The Accident

I'm glad that many people around me are concerning what happen to me after the accident. Or some of them just 'interested' to know about the story?? I was not really mentioned about my injury in my last post. I was thinking not to talk about it and make it into a secret. Of course, this action did not stopped the concern and curiosity of my friends!! Until one day, one of my friend asked 'why don't you post about your injury, so if anyone undergo the same situation like you, your post can be a reference for them' Ya, why not?

Due to the accident, I actually got broken neck. yes, BROKEN NECK. There was a small crack on my cervical spine. However, this is not the main concern as Doctor said the bone will grow back by itself after some times. The biggest concern was my cervical became unstable after the accident. That leads to my bone shifted a bit. I guess you don't need any further elaboration what will happen next if nothing done to me. Just think about it, it is cervical spine, the main support of our body. Since the accident, headache was looking for me everyday without failed. The headache was different with the normal, it was pain at the back of my head and the pain level was hard to describe with words. That was the worst headache I had in my life. 

Because of the broken neck, I had a big brace with me all the time, including the sleeping time. The only time I could take it off was during my shower time.

Yet, a smaller collar accompany me on that short moment.
my best mate since accident

In order to get rid of the problems that I was facing and the problems that may exist in the future, doctors (Yes, I see a few doctors to make sure the decision was right) advised me to go for the operation called 'Anterior Cervical Interbody Fusion'. In short, this operation helps to stable my cervical and REMOVE all the possibilities of being disable.

According to the doctor, the surgery was not consider a major surgery and it just took around 1 hour plus to complete the whole operation. The doctor even comfort me that, nowadays, this surgery is quite common and some of the professional golfer undergo this operation as well.
This thing really hurt me.. -_-'' had this on my left hand at the beginning, then changed to left leg and lastly to my right hand.

Initially after the surgery, I felt something stuck in my throat, the 'something' is like a big piece of apple. That feeling makes me hard to swollen the food. Due to that reason, I slimmed down a lot. So, is that considered a good news for a girl as we always shouted loudly 'I want to SLIM DOWN', and I just slim down without putting on much efforts. Too bad I didn't take any photo on that time because I looked sxxx at that moment.

During the first day after my surgery, I was laying on bed the whole day. Nurses helped me to wipe my body. It was the first time in my life being naked in front of strangers and being 'touched' by them. Sigh...It was terribly embarrassing. To my future husband, sorry, you are no longer the first one who touched me!  The next day, I learned to walk with the assistance of nurses. Again, first time in my life learned to walk after being an adult. Then, the third day, I was discharged. Surprise? ^^ The feeling of leaving hospital was like getting out from the jail. Hooray~

Now I am resting at home and I need to go back to the hospital for my followup check up as per schedule. At the early stage after my surgery, I still have to wear my collar all the time. 2 weeks after the surgery, doctor removed the stitches on my neck. I was allowed to remove my collar at home after another 2 weeks. According to the doctor, I should be able to say good bye to the collar with another month time. Oh, looking forward to the day!!!

p/s: Another symptom of getting well is gaining weight, and yes, I am keep on putting on weight now. Help!!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Wear In New Zealand

Weather in New Zealand is really unpredictable. It can be sunny day for the whole morning and suddenly it change to rainy day in the afternoon. The temperature difference can up even to 10°C in the same day. Some describe that weather in New Zealand is just like the mood of a lady, change unpredictable.

Therefore, as a backpacker, we must always be prepared. Prepare a jacket (or even more) with us all the while especially when we are travelling is a must!
Clear weather on one side and cloudy on the other side. So weird...

Spring/ Autumn
During this weather, basically you just need a jacket with you. During early spring or late autumn, you might need to wear 3 layers of clothes. The outer piece should be a wind proof jacket. Besides, scarf is one of the necessity as well.
Autumn in Auckland City

We are from summer country, I guess I don't need to say much on this weather. However summer in New Zealand is slightly cold than Malaysia. Average temperature 20°C ++

When I was in New Zealand, I was able to experience the autumn, winter and spring. I personally felt that winter is really a horrible season because it simply tooooooooooooooo cold!!!! When it was real cold, I just had a blank mind and couldn't concentrate on anything. My brain got stucked probably it freeze became  a big piece of ice... The saddest part was electricity cost in New Zealand is damn high and heater couldn't been switched on all the time. To beat the coldness, my highest record was having up to 6 clothes with me! Yes!

6 = Long John + normal shirt + marino + long sleve shirt + jacket + wind proof jacket.

Yet I still can feel the coldness. -_-''
typical walking bak chang (dumpling) in Thames

Oh ya, remember to bring at least one pair of wool socks. Wear it when you sleep definitely keep you warm.
Wondering what should bring from Malaysia and what should buy in New Zealand?

Long John/ Thermal Wear
If you stay in New Zealand during late autumn/ winter/ early spring time, remember prepare at least one set of long john with you. It's not easy to get a suitable size of long john in New Zealand. I bought a long john pant in NZ and the pant is quite long for me... perhaps i'm too short?? With the height of 159cm, I think I have the average height of asian lady. So, I think it'll be better to bring it from Malaysia instead of buying in New Zealand. Cost wise? It's almost the same because long john is selling a set in malaysia (top + pant) for RM100-200 and it was sold in New Zealand average NZD30-40 one piece (only top or only bottom).

Wind proof jacket
Clothes like wind proof jacket can buy in New Zealand. Wind proof jacket is very important because most of the time we feel cold is due to the wind but not the low temperature. One way to save our money is~ buy clothes at kid department!!! Don't laugh at this, it's not easy to get a suitable size in adult department. Again, I *thick face* have an average body size and most of the time I am wearing S size in Malaysia. My friends and I, four of us, all bought our clothes in kid department and those clothes suits us well!!

Merino is a type of wool famous in New Zealand. It is regarded as having some of the finest and softest wool of any sheep. It also good material to keep you warm. Clothes/ jacket with this type of material can easily purchased in New Zealand with reasonable price. So? Get it in New Zealand~

Friday, December 16, 2011

Play in New Zealand

We always look for CHEAP & PROMOTION stuff. Play in New Zealand? Of course we want play with least money!!! Why we have to spend more if you can get a better deal??

1) i site
Want to know the famous attractions? I site always the best choice for you. The friendly i site staffs always willing to provide you the thorough information. Sometimes, there are even promotions listed at i site. So, remember, always visit a local i site to get the latest details and promotion.

Apart from the promotion listed, brochures in i site is always like a hidden treasure~ there are always a lot of  surprise hide in the brochures. Open it and search for it. You will found there are a lot of discount inside. Yup, treasure hunt always!
The most creative i site at Tirau, North Island

2) Backpackers hostel
Sometimes, the local backpacker hostel like BBH or YHA might have promotion for certain activities. They can get better deal if you book through them instead of paying directly to the companies. How they do it? I'm not sure, I just know you have to open your eyes big and pay attention to the deals.

3) Website
These websites are giving crazy discount. Everyday they will give a new deal. Those deals most of the time are 50% discount. Yes, you might get a Milford cruise with half price or even a hot air balloon with 50% discount!! The deal will work with sufficient buyer and you have to grab it before the time out!

Subscribe them so that you can get the deal in the first place.


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My First Bungy Jump- Kawarau Bridge

Yeah, since I have posted my skydiving video, how could I miss out my bungy jump video??

Now, I proudly present my first ever (maybe the last as well) bungy jump!! Enjoy the show!

Yeah, my first bungy jump at the first commercial bungy jumping - Kawarau Bridge, Queenstown!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Travel in New Zealand

No idea how to travel in New Zealand???

1) Drive in New Zealand
- We just need to translate our Malaysian License to english version and you can drive legally in New Zealand! Translate it in JPJ and it just costs you RM10.
- Buying a car is like buying a piece of cake in New Zealand. It's simply easy and fast. Procedure to buy a car look here.
- A second hand car is cost around NZD1000-NZD3000 depends on the size and the model of the car. I bought Honda Odessey 7 seater 1996 which costs me $2000 (but this is considered cheap ^^).
- Of course if you own a car is easier for you to travel around. You can depart and leave the place anytime you like. No need worry that you will miss a bus.
- The most important point is a car plays a crucial role when you are looking for a job! It's no way to go to work without a car except you share with others or you walk to work. But most of the working place is not within walking distance from home!

2) Take Bus
There are two companies in New Zealand. They operate throughout the whole New Zealand and it can bring you from one town to another town. However, they are not operating within the town area. In addition, most of the smaller town do not have a bus company operate within the town area (especially South Island! -_-''  )

a) Naked Bus
- The bus ticket is selling like Air Asia flight ticket. The earlier you buy (online), the cheaper the bus ticket.
- This company even offer NZD1 bus ticket! Check here. I'm wondering they are learning it from Air Asia, or Air Asia copycat their way?

b) Intercity
- Another bus company. 
- Their time table have more options compared to naked bus.

3) Tour
It's never easy to travel alone by car because it hard for you to drive and look at map at the same time. Furthermore, driving long hours make you exhausted and reduce your excitement to travel! You may join some local tour which is cheap and suit to backpackers. Most of them also offered a pass called flexipass which is something like a reload card. For example, you can buy 10 hours of pass and you can take the bus with the pass for 10 hours.

4) Hitch hike 
- Some people choose not to buy a car but travel by hitch hike. Of course, this method actually save up a lot of money like insurance, petrol, maintenance fees for you!!
- Basically, most of the Kiwis are quite friendly and they are willing to take you along. Moreover, the security level in this country is undoubtedly good . You don't have to worry to be kidnapped when you hitch hike.
- The disadvantage for this method is you might need to take a long time to get someone fetch you to the place you that wish to go. Sometime, you might even need to change a few cars in order to get to the place. The flexibility of this method is not high.

Last buy not least, enjoy travel in New Zealand!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Stay in New Zealand

Working holiday in New Zealand, except from work, of course you need a place to stay. Most of the time, we, as a backpacker are looking for a CHEAP accommodation no matter we want to stay there for a longer period for work or just a few days for travelling.

Accomodation option:

1) Stay in a shared house
- A house share with others. You can make a lot of new friends from different countries.
- Shared House normally well equipped with furniture like bed, kitchen even cutlery are available.
- Rental is not paid by room but paid according to head count. 
  - 1 person -> NZD100-> 1 room
  - 2 person -> NZD200 -> 1 room
- Cost: average NZD80 - 120 per week depends on location

2) Homestay 
- Stay with kiwi!
- If you had the chance, you must stay with kiwis because this is the way to know the difference culture! Most of them are really friendly.
- Cost: average NZD80 - 120 per week depends on location.

3) Stay in backpackers hostel
- Normally this option is chosen during travelling or when first move to a new place.
- Cost: Average NZD10- NZD40 per night depends on the size of dorm and location.
- You can search for backpacker hostel in all area through this website, but if you want to stay in BBH or YHA, book  through phone directly or website will get a cheaper price.
- BBH and YHA are widely distributed in New Zealand, apply as their member and there will be NZD 3 discount per night!!
- Check with hostel the types of  facilities they are providing because not every hostel provide blanket, heater (this is VERY important during winter time), breakfast and etc.
- There is always a free food shelf and you may have any food you like in the shelf!
- Some lovely hostel might provide free soup or dessert at night!

YHA (Youth Hostel Association)
- I applied YHA membership before I went to New Zealand because it is cheaper to apply in Malaysia.
- Normally only 1 YHA available in each town.
- I applied the membership through MSL travel.

MSL Travel Sdn Bhd
Red Rock Hotel Lobby,
Macalister Road,
10400 Penang,
Tel  : 04-2272655 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            04-2272655      end_of_the_skype_highlighting  

BBH (Budget Backpacker Hostel)
- This hostel is most popular and it consists more than 300 hostel in New Zealand.
- The member card (NZD 45) can applied on the spot in any BBH in New Zealand.
- The member card includes $20 phone card which you can call back to Malaysia.

Apply for membership for BBH/ YHA is a MUST because
1) This served as a identity card for you as a Backpackers.
2) A lot of deals and discounts are given to backpackers.
3) Transport like intercity provide discount for backpackers.

How to find a shared house/ Home stay
1) Go to supermarket like Count Down/ New World and look for their notice board. A lot of notices related to accomodation will put up.
2)Put a notice in supermarket and mentioned that you are looking for a place to stay. As I tried, this method is quite effective.
3) Get help from Facebook for working holiday group.

Anything want to ask or top up to the information posted? Leave me a comment~

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Work in New Zealand

Before you want to apply for working holiday, you must be wondering whether the salary there able to support your living expenses, how to get a job and what of jobs you gonna get?

Kind of jobs

Basically, most of us worked in factories, orchard, farm, restaurant or cafe. Of course, there are office work as well but this kind of jobs are very limited. Yeah, jobs available are like those part time job that you can get during your school holiday. Never expect work to be easy because you are having working holiday but not holiday solely. Most of the jobs are physical related jobs and you might need stand for a long time or use a lot of energy. But, don't too worry when you read this because everyone of us had gone through it and all of us were able to survived. Therefore, never try never know. For me, I worked in factories most of the time and the jobs were not hard but they required repetitive movements. Besides, I personally prefer factory work simply because the job was more stable!

Pay in New Zealand are given out in weekly basic. Most of the jobs are paid hourly. At this moment (2011), New Zealand gorvement set NZD13 (Change to NZD13.5 in April 2012) per hour as minimum wages (before tax). Of course, there are always some exceptional, like those who worked in orchard, they might paid by the quantity of fruits they have harvested. Wages can be given in the form of cash, cheque or they banked in to your account. 


IRD (Inland Revenue Department) is something like our income tax. This account is very important because for those working holiday people who have this account will be taxed (12.54-19.54%) depends on your total income. You may check your tax here. BUT, for those who do not have the account, you will be taxed up to 47%!!! Want to get more money from your work? Open an IRD account is the first step of working holiday.

Job Vacancy

1) Check through the notice board in backpackers hostel.
3) Checked through local newspaper which is available in library.
4) Contact local contractor/ agent. 
5) Direct walk in the factories.
6) Check through website

Seasonal Job website

Woofing -> You work for a farm for few hours per day, they provide you food and accommodation as return.
Exchange -> You work for backpacker hostel and they provide you accommodation.
Some people look for these options while they can't get a job.

Of course if you have any information would like to top up, please leave a comment~

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Amazing Drive down to the town!!

Feeling bored at home?
Having a routine life?
Wondering what to do during the weekend?
No excitement in your life?

Sometimes we need some FUN to enlighten our routine life. Sometimes, those fun needs some TEAMWORK in order to make it done. All the fun and teamwork will become MEMORABLE for us. Of course, the important part is we earns a lot of CAMARADERIE.


Yes, you are right! Amazing drive is down to the town now!!! You are no longer just watch it from tv program!! You can be PART OF the Amazing drive!!

Date             : 18 March 2012
Requirements: 4 team members, 1 car
Venue           : Penang Island
Register with :-
Carmen  010 4642833
Kay       012 4184740
Ai Lin    012 4865884

Organised by : FTMC

What are you waiting for? Mark your calender and register now!!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Working Holiday in New Zealand Application

Recently, a lot of my friends keep on asking about working holiday. Since I think working holiday is a good experience, let me share the information to those who are interested.

Every year, 1150 Malaysian are allowed to apply working holiday and stay in New Zealand for 6 months. The application normally opened in the beginning of the year. Those who are interested may apply it online. The requirement for working holiday is quite low. Basically, it is very easy to meet the requirements.

  • have a Malaysian passport that‘s valid for at least three months after your planned departure from New Zealand 
    • This is quite easy right? If your passport is going to expired just renew it before you apply!!
  • be at least 18 and not more than 30 years old
    • Due to the age limit below 30 years old, some people categorised 'working holiday' as a MUST DO activity before reach 30. So, are you in this group of people? 
  • not bring children with you
    • I believe normally Asian will not bring children working holiday together right?
  • hold a return ticket or sufficient funds to purchase such a ticket*
    • sufficient fund can be included in the requirement below. Or a credit card can help you in this requirement if you do not purchase a return ticket.
  • have a minimum of NZ$2,250 available funds to meet your living costs while you’re here
    • You can prove it by printing your bank account statement, or bringing bank draft with you.
  • meet our health and character requirements
  • be coming to New Zealand to holiday, with work or study being secondary intentions for your visit
  • not have been approved a visa under a Working Holiday Scheme before.
    • Yup, working holiday scheme can only be applied once in a life time. Even you applied but you did not proceed with your trip, you are not qualified to apply  second time

How to apply? You must register yourself in New Zealand Immigration before you apply for the working holiday.  Visit this link.

Then you will see this.
And follow by this form.

After registration, you can apply for the working holiday visa~ of cause, it cost you NZD $140 (around RM350)

Ways to fill up the application form can refer this link:
I filled up my application according to this! Very useful link.

Application for this year (2011) is closed due to quota is fulled. It will available again on 2012 4 Jan. You have less than one month to consider!! Act fast!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

My Taupo Skydive Video

Yeah, I had shouted out loudly that I did my skydiving and posted all the photos. All these are never enough, some live video should be best to elaborate the fun!!

After sooooooooooooooo long time, finally I uploaded my virgin skydiving video!!! Since I have the video, how can I keep it to myself??

Ya, I know I looked stupid in the video, I was too enjoy until I forget to look into the video. Hey, I paid for the video how could I forget????? -_-'' Luckily the videoman kept on tapping on my head to remind me. Haha! Yeah~

Friday, December 2, 2011

Pupu Spring

This Spring is claimed as world clearest spring water! Opps, it should be second clearest spring water because only spring water at Antarctica can claimed as world clearest spring water. That was what the staff at i site told me.

Pupu spring, or full name Te Waikoropupu Springs is located at Golden Bay. So when you are at the north part of South Island, you must visit this place.

Second clearest spring water!!! How to find such a clear spring water???

That early morning was having a heavy downpour, I think if without the rain, the spring water should be even clearer.

Although the water looks clear, but never drink the water!!!!! Why? Due to the complicated geographical factor which I lazy to explain  the water is mixed with sea water, therefore the water is not edible!!!!

They even set up a special mirror to let the tourists to have a look on the underwater!! ^^ I like the idea so much. How creative are them.

Again, we squeezed ourselves in to proof we had been here~ Cheers~