Sunday, January 31, 2010

Ironing Clothes

Today, I was doing my house chores as usual which I had scheduled to do it every weekend. Ironing clothes were always being neglected as I am not too mind to wear not so straight clothes.

However, today I had the mood to iron my clothes. Therefore, I took out all of my working shirt out form my wardrobe for iron.

My clothes looked nice after iron. Like this.

Or like this

or this...

eh.. this look not so nice. It seem like haven't been ironed. Ya, you are right. It was not iron completely. Why? This was the first clothes I iron today. As usual, i just switched on the iron and start ironing. And, this was the consequences. I didn't notice about the temperature of the iron!!!!! It was set too high and my clothes just torn like that!!

*sob sob*

It is time to buy another new clothes..

Monday, January 18, 2010

Egg and Toast

My favourite breakfast is a very simply breakfast - half boiled egg + toast. Sound simple right? But, it is not easy to get a delicious half boil egg because I have very high expectation on it. Some people may boil the egg overtime and % of cook became over. Some even boil the egg until the egg yolk become slightly harden. So, I think it is not easy to boil the egg to the ngam ngam (just nice) condition.

Besides, the toast need to bake slightly and apply with nice butter (not margerin). Then, they become a perfect match. Well, you might said I'm over complicated a simple breakfast, but I really tried a few not nice half boil egg + toast.

 I personally like the half boil egg selling in this place.

Most of the penang people should feel it is very familiar. Ya, it is none other than the most famous half boil egg in Penang near airport. This small little wooden house selling the best half boil egg. I always go there for breakfast if I go to Penang in the morning. It is very easy to find as it is just located on the left hand side of road when you are on the way to Penang Airport.

Of course, we need to pay for good food. This nice breakfast is quite costly for a half boil egg + toast. My bf and I able to eat more than RM10 just for this.

Anyway, it is still worth for me cause I like it.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Stupid mistake

I did a very stupid mistake yesterday. When I was going out after my breakfast, I couldn't find my car key and home key. I kept on looking around my bag, my room and I still couldn't find them. What had happened? I had never lost my key like that.

After I refreshed back, an imagine crossed my mind. I remembered I put my keys on my car when I want to take back my clothes which were hang outside after landry.

Some of you must be puzzled, why did I need to take my car key as well? Haha.. I have a very special way of collecting my clothes. My hanger was just located right beside my car, so usually I'll open my car door, collect my clothes and throw in all my clothes in while I am collecting the other clothes so that I do not need to take anything to put my clothes in! I'm brilliant right? Wahaha.. then after finish collected, I will use my towel to wrap up all the clothes so that I can bring my clothes easily.

Well, I did the same yesterday, but I follow with a stupid mistake. I left my keys outside overnight!!! Luckily no theft noticed about it, or else I don't know what to do if all things in the house missing. Ok, back to the topic, now my problem was, I was being 'locked' in my house!! All people had gone out for work! How??

At that time I remembered I had a spare key which I neglected it long long time ago. But, I remembered one of the keys cannot be used as it was not well duplicated and it was not able to unlock the lock! Well, just try my luck. I was praying that the key for opening my door in the house was functioning.

So, geuss what happened next? Ya, I was lucky enough, my key was functioning. God bless me. I was able to escaped from my house and went to work.

So, lesson learnt was we must duplicate a functioning key.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Coffee Lane

Honestly, I'm not a coffee lover. I never know what is the difference between a RM10 Starbucks coffee and the RM1 coffee in a kopitiam . For me, as long as the coffee is not too bitter/ too sweet, they are still acceptable (provided milk is added).

Until the day I met one of my friend, Terry, a super coffee lover, I learnt that coffee making needs a lot of knowledge and passion. All the while coffee just means coffee powder + milk for me. This friend of mine, he learned the proper ways to brew coffee, he learned about different types of coffee beans, he learned different kind of equipments for coffee brewing. He followed by investing in his dream and make it became true by opening a coffee shop named Coffee Lane.

His shop was well decorated by using 70's -80's century style.

Luckily the furniture was not same age with the decoration style.

During the opening of his shop, he showed us the coffee making by using a small cute pot.
The pot was just too small for him to hold. That's why he looked a bit puzzled.

The way to use a Aladdin pot for coffee making (sorry I can't remember the actual name).
Terry said we should rub the pot at this moment so that genie will appear and make our wish become true. -_-''

And, the most impressive method - syphon coffee. This is a very unique style (at least for me) of brewing coffee. It is just like conducting a test in chemical lab. According to my friend, this is the way to make a pure coffee. Firstly, you need to boil water by using conical flask- like equipment. Then put fresh crushed coffee powder into the funnel above the flask. The water will slowly goes up to the funnel above at certain temperature due to some scientific theory. Then, it'll mix with the powder and it will go back to the bottom at the end. Well, I'm not good in describing, but if you have the chance to witness the live show, you will say it is just like a magic show.
A good coffee doesn't need any milk and sugar to enhance it's flavour. It will be just nice to be tasted by itself. This time I really feel the difference of the coffee because the true coffee is not too bitter. After you drink it, you will feel your mouth watery but not thirsty. Don't believe? Try it.

Name: Coffee Lane
Add: 10B King Street 10200 Penang, Malaysia
Tel: 04-2610625 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            04-2610625      end_of_the_skype_highlighting

Sunday, January 3, 2010


Happy 2010!!! Finally a new year come. So, what have you done on 1 Jan 10? Transformed into a pig and slept whole day at home? Did marathon shopping in shopping mall?

I was having BBQ and apartment stay on this special 010110! (sound like computer language). Ya, BBQ, what so special? For us, especially chinese, when we talk about BBQ, most of us will think about a lot of chicken wings marinated with soy sauce, Oyster sauce, Lea & Perrins and others seasoning. Besides, we might have some sausages, fish ball, corn and perhaps potato. That is our typical chinese style of BBQ. You might asked, what's wrong with it? Or else how should we BBQ?

Ya, out of my expectation, our BBQ style was not belonged to the category that I mentioned. Let me show you a totally different BBQ style that we had.
Firstly, sausages and fish balls were still in our food list like this. It looked like we are preparing for lok lok stall.
Chicken, a must prepare food for BBQ. But, we had different flavour for chicken. They were no longer prepared by using soy sauce and oyster sauce. I am not sure how they marinated this but i guess they put some curry powder and also some seasoning.
Then, prawn with garlic, butter, kunyit and other unrevealed ingredients.

sotong with the same marinated style with prawn.

Fish~~ double tumbs up for this special ikan bakar topped with home made paste. The fish was just nice to eat without overcook / undercook whereby all moisture was still contained in the fish.

We even had rojak as one of our food!!! Jealous for our unusual style of BBQ? Thanks to our dear malay colleagues who put lot of effort on this BBQ and made it a great success.
Some of you might wondering why all pictures shown was the food still in raw condition or in the progress of cooking. Well, the food was too nice until we finished up all once it was served. Photo was totally forgot to took before we eat. :P I know la, I am still not a good blogger yet. But food is too good to resist and wait to be eaten.
Oh ya, a small tip learnt from this BBQ, put aluminium foil on top of the metal grill first before put the food on top. It looks clean and the food will not get burned easily. Try it during your BBQ.