Sunday, May 6, 2012

Chin's Stylish Chinese Cuisine, Penang

I would say this is the best chinese restaurant that I've ever have in Penang. Yes, BEST! I'm not lying, not exaggerating, simply telling the truth.  Most of the time, when we go to certain good restaurants, there will be some famous dishes which are really taste good., on the other hand, there will be also some food served which you feel it is just 'so-so'. It is so hard to find a restaurant with ALL types of dishes that served are EQUALLY GOOD!! And, I found it with my new colleagues.

This is the entrance of the restaurant. If your eye sight are good enough, you can see the sentence 'Awarded - Best Chinese cuisine restaurant 2010-2012'. Actually, they won the award not only in Malaysia, but also in London. See? I don't lie, it's no point having a food blog promoting all sort of food no matter it's good or bad.

This is how the interior looks like, so grand and splendid. The feeling is just like stepping in a 5 star hotel restaurant. Normally, chinese restaurant doesn't decorate in such a way. The food in this restaurant is inclined to fine dining style. That day, we ordered the package of food, just like how we had during chinese wedding dinner. (But the portion and the amount of dishes served were far more than those typical chinese wedding dinner)

Let me show you the scrumptious dishes that made me had such conclusion.


Century eggs in grill red pepper
Of course it still taste like century egg, but it is so 'Q' (chewy?) I guess that is what a century egg can do best.

Spicy Turnip Cubes 
This is delightful.

Delicate Free Fungus



 Sesame Prawn on Toast
The appearance might looks normal, but the taste is out of expectation - good!!



The complete version before wrap up. Pay attention to the top of the photo! Yes, Small chilies, and I ATE it! For those friends who know me well, I don't eat spicy food, and I don't even take chilies sauce. But, this is the food that you HAVE TO put at least 1-2 pieces of chilies and it makes great difference of taste. What's the magic inside? Taste it and you will understand.

Hot Wok Fragrant Chicken
Yes, obviously my hand was shaking. Can't to be calmed in front of all delicious good.

Sauteed Vegetable with Red Rice Yeast

Soup with codfish
The clear soup with delight flavour, the best part is the freshness of the codfish merged with the soup and that brought the aroma. yummy~

Cod Fish + Prawn + Egg yolk = crab
That was what they told us. Surprisingly, it really tasted like crab, not a typical crab taste, but the tempting crab.

5-Colour Organic Unpolished Rice
I bet this is the best brown rice I've ever had, it is not the plain brown rice but the flavour is so rich. And, we discovered that it tasted even better when you mix the crab with the rice! They are perfect match!!

Steam Silver Cod Fish
I love to eat cod fish and I've tried a lot of steam codfish before. Throughout my eating experience, I learnt that Steam Cod Fish is never easy because the it will only taste good with certain level of softness and luscious gravy. Looks simple but it is complicated. And, of course, this dishes passed with flying colour.

Steamed Frog-leg in Bamboo Tube Pepper
First in my life time having a frog, we just mentioned about this during the day time with my colleague and it ended up in my mouth late at night. Nice try, it was not disgusting like what I imagined, in fact, it tasted as good as chicken. 

Fried Banana with Maltose Candy
Special taste. Although they coated the fried banana with maltose candy but sweetness was just fine.

Sea Coconut

 Emperor Cake
It tasted exactly same with the nian yong pao. This properly the only dish that does not attract me much. I think it will taste better when it sit inside the pao.

 That was the place that we had our lovely dinner. Life is so wonderful when you sit in such a decant restaurant with great food and great view, and most important with a group of wonderful people.

It might be costly, but it is definitely worth for the cost. You must try at least once and you will understand!

Name              : Chin's Stylish Chinese Cuisine
Address           : Tanjung City Marina
                         Church St. Pier (Next to QEII)
                         8A, Pengkalan Weld,
                        Georgetown, Penang. 
Tel                   : 04-2612611  
Operation Time : Mon- Sun 6.30pm-11.00pm