Thursday, November 6, 2008

Surprise birthday

Last Saturday was the first gathering for my coursemates and I. After graduation, we had rarely met with each others. 2 of us working in Prai, 1 working in Penang island, 1 pursuing Phd and 1 studying master. Just 5 of us in the gathering, but all of us have our own different life after graduation. This is a norm so it was a golden chance for us to gather and updating each other for our own stories.

Of course, I enjoyed that day very much, not because of GOSSIPing and getting information from each other, but the moment that we gathered. On that day, one of us suggested to eat cake after our lunch (sometimes we will eat cake as dessert since everyone of us like it). Guess what? After we chose the cake, my friend took it with my name on it!It was really surprise!! I had never think that they will actually celebrate my birthday with me and even prepared a present for me! It was touching!! Thanks, my friends.

We had a small, simple but enjoyable celebration in the cake shop.

Just now i mentioned about present, the presen they gave was actually a clothes - tube. Before I published this blog, I tried to take a photo of mine with the tube on so that I can upload the photo here. That clothes is very nice but sadly my body figure is not good. I look FAT in that clothes. Even tough lots of picture were taken with different angles, I can't get a single photo which looked better!! *sigh* I had even promised them to wear that clothes during our next gathering. So what should I do? Have a intensive keep fit program and slim down before the next gathering?? Don't think I can do that. Maybe the best way still wearing jacket outside :P