Sunday, November 29, 2009

New Zealand Ice Cream

Sometimes, desire comes very sudden, it appears without notice especially after hard work.

This morning, I was forced to wake up 5.30am in the morning and I started putting on make up. False lashes, eye shadow, eye liner and the complete set of make up took me around 1 hour to complete. Then, my friends and I rushed to Batu Ferringi for our very first photoshooting.

The photoshooting was ended after 4 hours plus, photos were taken from sun rise to hot sun and until the weather changed to cloudy. Now I learnt that photoshoot was an exhausted activity. Most of us went back directly to get a good rest after the hard work. However, I went out with my bf since I was in Island.

Desire attacked suddenly after we got back to main land. The little devil in my heart kept on whispering 'ice cream, ice cream..'. The devil won this round by default since the little angel in my heart was missing. Therefore, we headed to McD. I used to eat chocolate sundae of McD Whenever I feel down. This is because I always believe chocolate can make us happier and this had been proven scientifically. On the other hand, I'll eat it too when I was very happy. This is the power of chocolate and the successful of McD marketing and R&D. Sadly, McD failed to cheer me up this round. Ice cream was not available due to machine broke down!!

Well, since McD turned us down, we changed our direction to New Zealand ice cream. We rewarded ourselves with this.

The 'Designer Sundae' with ferrero Rocher and Hersleys' chocolate sauce~ Well decoration right? Wait, where is the chocolate sauce? Here it ceoms.

Yummy yummy~ Let me introduce the flavour of the ice cream. From the left, it was spotty dog, light chocolate flavour with crunchy chocolate chips inside. Then, walnut butterscotch with slight yellowish colour. The special ice cream with sticky texture and strong sensation. Lastly, the white chocolate with raspberry. One of the girls' favourate which it was slightly sour and the flavour was not too strong.

The ice cream definitely pleased my little devil well. But, it is always hard to please everyone at the same time. My lovely purse was crying for the early existance of the little devil. This is because we can get 30% discount tomorrow!!! New Zealand Ice Cream was doing promotion on every 30th for 30% discount.

Hm.. nevermind. Next round I should please my lovely purse on 30th of the month. Ok? I promise you.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Challenge our limit

What happen? So many people gather? Riot gonna happen? or 2012 become 2009?
Why everyone run to the direction of bridge? Island gonna sink? Tsunami gonna happen? Ai ya, secret revealed, the photo was taken too close to one the of girl.

Answer was revealed. This was the Penang International BridgeMarathon which had been organised annually. Everyone was working very hard to complete their marathon in order to obtain their medal/ certificate.

Surprisely, I was one of the participate this year. I was being persuaded by my colleagues and I joined the marathon. When we decided to do something, we must challenge our limit. And, I participated into this category.

Opps, sorry. Not the full marathon. When we wanted to challenge our limit, yet we have to measure our own capability at the same time. That was the reason, I chose this at the end.
Fun Run still consists of its challenge, ok? Not many people are willing to participate in marathon and not all people are able to complete the marathon as well (although there are 99% completed :P)
Of course, we set our target by running within the time given (10km - 1 hours 30 min).
And, we able to make it.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

My birthday present

Most of my friends were curious about the presents I received during my birthday since I had shouted out loudly for my wish list. Some of them even get shocked when I wrote this entry. Am I too straight forward? But, this is definately a win-win situation for me and friends who want to give my me presents right? :P

Firstly, I received this from one of my ex-housemate.

A blue eye shadow from Maybelline and grey eye liner from Kate. Thanks Yan.

Secondly, a surprise present from my direct junior from my university. I was wondering who is the person when anonymous left comment in my blog and told me she bought a brown eye shadow. I was failed to guess who was the person until I received the present.

Again, eye shadow from Maybelline. Luckily both of my friends bought different colour. Thanks Chee Wan.

Next, the item that people queried for listing in my wish list. Yet, I received it from my gang of university friends. You wish to know the reason I want it, please read this.

Liquid eye liner from Skin Food~ Thanks my Pei Leng, Sen, Hooi Theng and Wai Yee. I'll apply it during our next gathering to show the difference. :)

Present that I received lastly. A friend of mine kept on calling me just to confirm the correct model to buy though I received it yesterday.

An original Nokia battery. Many people told me it was weird to list this item in my list. But, the most important is I need it, right? Thanks Choon Sin, Yueh Ting and Yee Wan. Now my phone battery can last longer.

Of course, I can't miss out the presents that my dear gave me.

Hand bag from Country Hide. A good quality bag made from real deer skin. Sad for the dear sacrifise for me, but don't worry Ms. Deer, I'll sayang you and treat you good. Thanks my dear.

Last but not least, a scrumptious food that cannot get outside.

Home made spaghetti !~!~ Can you see the creamy sauce and the cheese on top? Of course, this was from my dear again. Thank you.

Again, I wanna thanks all of my friends who remembered my birthday, friends who send birthday sms to me even some of you are overseas and also all of my friends, thanks for being my friends.

I had a wonderful birthday.

Thursday, November 19, 2009


I have heard of KFC a.m. breakfast long time ago. None of the advertisement touches my heart until the new breakfast come out - the KFC a.m. sausage twister.

The twister was just sound too good with all the scrumptious filling inside the wrapper - sausage, harsh brown, tomato, scrumble egg, cheese and mayonnaise. You can taste it by imagining the combinaiton, a simple but tasty combination.
My mind was kept on thinking to look for a day and try this new breakfast. One day, I saw the promotion of the breakfast published in The Star. Milo is free when we purchased any of the breakfast. Great!~! I am a big fan of milo and I drink milo everyday since I was just few years old.

Without any hesitation, I went to a nearby KFC alone in a morning before I went for work just to try out this new breakfast.
The twister was slightly smaller than my expectation. How about the taste inside?
The taste was not bad but I think there are rooms of improvement for the wrapping. I was not sure it was the workers' style or it was just a mistake. The twister will taste great if we can bite all the taste together at the same time. Some of you might ask, wtf you are talking? Well, the first bite I had, I know there was a big chunck of sausages. Then, second bite followed with tomatoes, third bite was harsh brown and so on. I thought the arrangement should be in random form but not as systematic as this?

On the other hand, the milo turned me down too. If I close my eyes and drink the milo, I might mistakenly thought it was a cup of hot water. Perhaps, this was the reason they can support free milo for the breakfast.

The breakfast was a bit out of my expectation. But, honestly, the taste of the twister was nice and there was just a slight problem of arrangment with the filling inside. I'll still give him a second chance before the promotion end.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Little Magic

Some of my friends asked me for the reason for putting eye liner in my wish list. Instead, some of them just scolded me directly for that. Most of them think that I should not/ need not use this. *sob* I'm so pity. Girls are always wish that they can become prettier, right? I don't believe girls do not wish that or at least they won't hope that they will be uglier. This is also the main reason that some girls like putting 3kg of make up to make them look gorgeous.
So, in order to answer all my dear friends, let you show you the reason.
Of course, this is me. The very natural of me. This is how I look like in normal days or even most of the days. But, magic can be done by just doing slight changes. Ta da~
Still me, photo was taken at the same day with the photo above. Look different right? Basically just added two small magic - eye liner and false lashes. This is why cosmetic company earning more and more money every year.

In short, I answered the question indirectly. Do you satisfy with it?

Monday, November 9, 2009

Birthday celebration

Update: I will update my follow up blog for 'my wish list'. So, please stay tune..
Finally, my birthday was passed. I had a great birthday whereby I spent almost 3 days to complete my birthday celebration with friends.
Of course, receiving presents always come together with a great feeling, but wonderful feeling getting much when you noticed there were a lot of friends around you, and the person you love preparing to celebrate your birthday. Great feeling!~! okok.. to make the story short, let me summarize all my celebrations.

Firstly, My birthday were celebrated with my ex-housemates. The bunch of people who stayed with me during my univerisity time. This celebration was done by forcing. Why? This is because I dated them out for a drink the day before my actual birthday. Hehe.. Anyhow, they still help by continuing the show and bought me 2 slices of cakes.

A kinda weird of combination, 1 slice of black forest cake and 1 round cake (forget the name). Hard to get a good angle with this combination. Let me abondoned the Black Forest.

Well, looks better, right?
This is the smallest cake that I had for celebration. Cute, nice and adorable.

I forgot to take a group photo with them. sad...

Secondly, none other than my dearest coursemates. We celebrated my birthday in SOHO, autocity. There were a lot of surprises we discovered over there. Firstly, food were serving in SOHO instead of just beer and wine. We always keep in mind that SOHO is a place just for alcoholic, now the fact proved that we are wrong. Secondly, The food that we tried (4 dishes) were very delicious. Lastly, the most surprisedly was the price for the food is very reasonable and it is totally out of our prediction. It was just cost us around RM 7.00++ per dish! Let me show you some of the photos of food.

So, What do you think? Just try the scumptious food served in SOHO next time. (Don't misunderstand, I didn't get any advertisement fees from SOHO). Ok, enough for advertisement time. Back to my celebration.

Cake I had in SOHO - Blue berry cheese cake. The chef is excel in the main dish cooking but the skill for dessert making might needs a slight improvement.

lastly, celebration with colleagues in company. I have the photo in my phone unfortunately my Card reader is not functioning and I am unable to transfer the photo in. I will update it after i transfered it. By the way, I was too busy that day and we had a rush celebration. And finally, we forgot to take a group photos again. *sob*

Sunday, November 1, 2009

My baby was born

Update for my wish list: Somebody sponsored my blue eye shadow and eye brown pencil~ Thanks.

I am getting closer and closer to my target. And finally I saw the light at the other end of the tunnel.

When I entered my current company, I was full with passion. I told myself, I am going to get HACCP for this company and that became my target. However, time flies, nothing was happened after half year. Things stayed still as it was in the beginnning. I felt demotivated. I wrote this to express my feeling in the bottom of my heart. Steps taken towards target began getting slower and slower. Luckily, progress still going on without stopping.

At last, somthing different happened. I saw this after one year.

My little baby was born.
My baby was overweight and was facing obesity problem. It took so much time and efforts for me to give birth. I am just like a first time mother who felt very excited when I saw both of them. At first, I thought my baby was not going to born until the day I forgot about it.

Monday is the time to submit them to Ministry of Health and that will be the starting for everything. We need to prepare for all the documentation and waiting for auditors to come perhaps after 4-6 months. HACCP certified is waiting for us.

Do I have the passion to continue until my company was HACCP certified? I'm wondering..