Sunday, June 14, 2009

Car Show in Auto City

There are too much stories to share with you all here. Let me start with the car show in auto city for this blog.

My friends and I went to autocity for our dinner today. Coincidentally, there was having a car show. A lot of cars were being modified and displayed in the car show. After our dinner at Takehana, we hanging around the car show and enjoying all the modified cars there. There were some special modified cars. For example,

Car with special colour. The colour of the car really grabbed our attention where we never see any car on road with this colour. Then, I saw a very cute car and I like it very much. For those who like to watch Japanese anime/ comics, you will surely found this is familiar. It looked like the japanese type police car in the anime.

Don't know how to describe this. Hehe..

There was surprise inside the car. Sharp red colour and 3 mini screen.
Then, there were a lot of Mini Copper!!!!
I just snapped one of the row as I didn't notice there were much more behind me.

Besides, there were Ms. Auto City and Mr. Auto City too at that time but I was not able to take photo because they just walked a round and I'm busy to peep all the pretty girls and guys (not really handsome :P) and finally I was able to grab someone with me.Mr Cheese from Pizze Hut~