Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My Photo Album

Finally, after my 3 months graduation, I got my photos taken in photo studio!!~! The photos taken were compiled into an album and it is looked much more nicer than what I imagine~

Nice right?? I like the way they arranged the photos. Here are the inside of the album.
I was so excited when I took the photo album because this is the first album that I have. I kept on looking over and over again the photos. Thanks to the inventor of camera and photos, now we can hold the time by putting it into a small square paper (photo).

But, after flipping through the album for few times, I noticed there is something weird with some photos.
Cannot see the problem? Let me zoom in.

The book looks weird! Compared to the book that I took in the previous picture, the arrangement of the golden line and the words of 'University Science Malaysia' are different. Even the wording is inverted. After wondering for sometimes, then only I found that it is due to photoshop amendment. I think they put it in mirror imagine because actually I'm standing at the right hand side instead of left for the real photo taking. Although mirror imagine will not affect a person's appearance in the photo but when it comes to wording, it will becomes obvious and weird. Maybe the photographer should consider this?

Sunday, October 5, 2008


Recently, I start my jogging plan again every weekend. Yesterday, I went to Mengkuang Dam to jog in the evening. I had heard about it for a long time, but yesterday was my first time to be in the place. It is a beautiful place where we can enjoy the beautiful scenery while we jog.

The place is very big but the path for jogging is just around 20 min of jogging. Some people treat the place as a recreation park by bringing family and have a walk there. Some kids even play badminton there.

Yesterday, I even had the luck to see rainbow although there was no rain.

I know the photo is a bit blur, cause I took it by using my own phone. When I was going to leave, the sky became so beautiful.

The sky became darker and darker and that was the time for me to leave. Surely I'll go there again.