Thursday, January 15, 2009

4th accident

I thought bad luck was leaving me after 3 consecutive accidents, but today, another accident happened on me. *sigh* All of you who read my blog must be thinking 'Har?Again?'

Ya, right. Today something ridiculous happened on me. This afternoon, when I walked out from company and going for lunch, I felt that something dropped into my eyes. So, after my lunch, I washed my eyes with water. But, I still felt irritated in my eyes.

The irritation was kept going until I off from work. Horrible incident happened. When the day turned dark and the light street was on, I found that I saw something weird.

Normally when we saw the street lamp, we should see the lamp something like the picture on right hand side. But, instead of that, I saw something like left hand side!!!

It was not only one lamp, but every lamp or even car light I saw that! Try to imagine, that is eyes and I was very scared. After that, I noticed that is a sand in my eyes, I tried to wash with water again but failed to take it out. Then I tried to remove it with eye drop and it was failed!!

Without hesistant, I rushed to clinic with my friend. That time was around 9.00 pm and most of the clinic had closed. Finally, we able to find a clinic which was opened. Then, I told the Dr. what happened to me and the Dr. told me he will try to remove it for me. Thank God, the small little sand was removed successfully and I felt relieved. But, when I stepped out from the room of the doctor, I still saw the same thing!! Quickly, I went in Dr's room again and the doctor helped me to check. Then, he told me, my eyes was hurt due to that sand!!! Just a small little sand, my eyes was hurt!!!

*sigh*. Then, the Dr gave me some medicine to apply. But, he told me I'll be recovered in few days time.

When is the bad luck going to leave me? Maybe I should go temple and pray..

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

3 consecutive accidents in 1 week

I bet recently was not a good day for me. I had met 3 consecutive accidents in around 1 week time.

1) cut and bruise on leg

A very complicated story where I was nearly fell down due to a kid. He put his leg out while eating in a kopitiam and coincidence I walked by the side of the kid. Then, my leg got hooked by him and I nearly tripped over the kid's leg. Luckily I didn't fall down because I was wearing skirt that day but badly I was hurt by my own high heel. The heel of my left shoe cut my right leg accidentally while falling down and trying to rebalance my body with instant respond. (Complicated right?)

2) Car side mirror dropped

* carcass of my side mirror

A stupid motocyclist bang on my car side mirror while I was waiting for traffic light to turn green. Then, that guy just fled away with his full speed and my side mirror left the 'case' without mirror. I can't pick up my mirror because traffic light changed to green colour right after my mirror dropped! Thanks to that guy, I have to change a new side mirror with case by RM50.(because the hook inside the case was dropped and I'm forced to replace the whole set).

3) Fell Down from stair case

I guess this was the most serious case among three cases. I fell from the stair case due to slippery and I was like 'ARRGGGGGHHHHHHHHH' screaming silently inside my heart. Luckily I fell during the last 2 or 3 steps but unfortunately my back knocked on the sharp edges of the stair case. I thought should be ok after I stand up but things did not turn up like what I was expecting. The next day when I woke up, I felt pain behind me and I can just walked like an old lady. A slightly big movement already caused pain on my back!! Without any hesistant, I go to clinic and see the doctor. The Doctor told me it'll be fine now but it'll leave a big impact when I am old!! The Dr. somemore further her explanation with an apple dropped on the floor and look ok outside with damage inside. *sweat* So, anyone want take care of me when I'm old? *sniff*

Nevermind, after all bad things happen, good thing should comes after that, right?
*will update with photos later

Thursday, January 8, 2009

What have I done?

I felt tired, just back from the International Speech and Table Topic contest. Yet, I want to blog before sleep. Tonight, was an interesting night where all the contestants performed their best, we can noticed their efforts by the way of their delivery of speech.

Apart from that, the table topic was another great session where a tough topic was given- ' Truth is stranger than fiction', such a hard topic, some of the contestants get stunt at the beginning, yet they able to complete their speech even though the real meaning was not being understood. If i were the contestant, I'll surely blank and standing in front of the crowd.

The whole night was an interesting night but there are some unsmooth parts during the whole contest. Due to both of the contest chairs were the 1st timer as well as the emcee, some part didn't run smoothly and the audiences could actually noticed it. Well, this is the fault of the organising chair - me. I do admit I didn't do my best where I might not giving the clear instruction and guidance to my committees.

The whole night will be an excellent if the whole contest ran well. I do not want to give any excuse to the errors occured during the night because I know with the well preparation and well briefing to the committees, the show will surely run well.

Recently there are a lot of thing bumped into my mind. Just like when one of the aunty asked me about my target, i couldn't answer her cause I do not know what is my target. Then, i start pondering, all the while I telling myself self improvement is very important but which direction actually i'm heading? I don't know. What improvement had been done inside myself? I don't know.

Somtimes, when i achieved my target on time, I don't feel happy with it, why? Just like I set a target to complete my CC by end of 2008 and I actually did it. I had spent several night, stayed up late at night or even woke up during the midnight to prepare my speech. But, during the night of the completion, I do not feel happy at all. The feeling was totally contrast with my expectation. Why? This is because I cannot see the purpose of achiving CC. The purpose of achieving should be gaining confidence and able to deliver a good speech in front of a crowd. But, am i gaining such thing? No, i don't think so. I cannot see my difference between y own speech from P1 until P10. My target to complete CC is just because I want to complete my CC but I had forget the original purpose. During the night of completion, my speech was suck because I do not prepare it well. Then, I start pondering, what have I done? I got no idea.

Same thing happening in my work, before i enter this company, my target was to obtain the HACCP certificate for my company. But, till now, i haven't even touch a single SOP (Standard of procedure). I seem like busy all the while but what have i done? I also don't know.

There are so many don't know in me, and yet there a lot of 'don't know' which haven't been mentioned. So, what have I done all the while? I have no idea.

All the while, I always hope that there is a good listener and a person who encourage and motivate me. But, seem like this person is too far away and i can't even sense his existance. So, I should be self-motivated all the time? Maybe I need a higher EQ and higher self-esteem in order to achieve that.

GOsh, I had tarnished my own blog by this entry. What am i doing?