Thursday, August 21, 2008

My updates

I had neglected my blog for more than 1 month insteads of 1 week. During this month, there are quite a number of changes on me. Firstly, I had gone through my own convocation in USM. Ya, finally I put on my robe and took my certificate on the stage(actually it was just a letter, the real certificate will only get after we returned our robe). Indirectly, this indicates the end of my university life. (except I am going to further studies to master). About the convocation photos I'll post up another blog later after i got the photos. (My brothers are my photographer, He he..)

Secondly, I am officially step into the other stage of my life, that is the working life. Some of my friends might not know that I actually got an job offer. Currently, I work in Seberang Flour Mill Sdn. Bhd. which is a member of Soon Soon Group of companies and I work as a Quality Assurance Executive. I have just started my work for a few days, so i do not have much comments about the job. Meanwhile, I am quite blur about my responsibilities at the moment and I can't even really understand the issues brought up while I was attending the meeting, this may be due to I'm still new in the company, I am not really understand how everything works. Luckily, I have a very good senior brief and guide me all the while. Thanks Felina. Hopefully I am able to learn all the things fast and cope with the job. I would like to take this oppotunity to thank those friends who sent me a wishing sms during my first working day. It's really touching, I do not expect that some of you remember the day that I started my work

Thirdly, I have moved to Chain Ferry Road which is located in Butterworth. I work in Prai so it will be more convenient if I stay somewhere around there. My company is just 10 minutes of driving distance from my home. So, any friend who stay here can call me out anytime (of course when I'm free) for yum cha or dinner and those who would like to come and find me, of course I'll welcome all of you.

Basically, those are the updates of my news. :) I will put up more blogs later.