Sunday, July 26, 2009

Desire to go for a trip

Inside my heart, there is a very strong desire to go for trip. A small little voice keep on mumbling 'I want to go to a trip, I want to go to a trip..'. My desire is nearly accomplished when I went to Matta Fair.

The Matta fair was held in PISA Penang on 4, 5th July. My friends and I went to the Matta fair to look for a cheap trip. Our destination was Bali, a place where we planned 1 year ago but it had been postponed due to financial problem (we were still student 1 year ago). However, we never gave up, we continue our plan after 1 year.

This year, we were required to buy entrance tickets to enter the Matta fair. In order to make our fees worth, there was a small little bag given.
We did a lot of searching to get our dream trip (Bali) with the cheapest price and this was all the efforts that we put in. (of cause we did search for other trip instead of Bali only).
Finally, we found a trip that suits us. We happily discussed about it and we even planned to pay the fees on the following day.

Unfortunately, a news broke out that night. One of my friends told us that a lot of H1N1 cases had been detected in Bali!! The hottest issue now had stopped us from proceeding with our progress. *sob* Of course, at the end, the trip was once postponed due to the H1N1. Again, my desire to go for a trip had not been fulfilled.

In order to fulfill it in a short term, I planned another trip for myself.

A trip in my own room~ :P (for temporary fulfilling desire purpose )

Cannot see clearly? Zoom in..

Cute right? As if I was really having a trip. Hehe..

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Consequence for being attractive

I know, actually I'm really deeply know about it. I know I'm adorable and attractive. I know I always attract your attention. But, it is not fault to be attractive right? And, it doesn't mean you can do anything to me!

It is kinda sad for me when I know you did this to me. The ordeal will leave quite some time for me to recover. Please, leave me away and I'll feel much more better.
Cannot get it? Let me zoom it nearer.
It is damn icthy!!! Somoemore it is on my face!!! Mr. mosquito, please leave me alone!!!!