Monday, December 15, 2008


Recently, a friend brought me to a new place for supper. For those who stay in Penang, maybe some of them know this place - Crepe Cottage. A shop located at Gurney drive which is same row with Khaleel. (Next to Island cafe).

This shop famous with its crepe where all crepes are well decorated. You may expect the crepe served is looked exactly same with what they showed in menu. Those of you who like ice cream, dessert, food well decorated, you should go and try at this place.
Nice, right? This crepe was their weekly special where 3 types of berries were put on the crepe.

Besides, this 'Sunburst' is suitable for mango-lover. The mango ice-cream was consist of strong mango flavour. You might feel that I'm being funny by describing mango ice cream with mango flavour. This mango ice cream is different with what we normally have outside. The flavour is much more rich compared to the commercial. Don't believe? Just try it.
Actually this shop not only selling crepe but they do serve western food. That day when we went in the shop, we saw somebody having pasta and it looked scrumptious. I think i should try it next time.