Saturday, November 6, 2010

My Birthday wish list

This year actually I didn't think of any wish list. However, one of my friend called me up and asked why I didn't prepare a wish list like last year. Another friend of mine also asked the same question. Now only I noticed my freinds are straight forward type. Haha.. all of them prefer I prepare a wish list.

After I considered for a long long time, the following are my wish list.

1) Luggage bag
I think I need a bigger size of luggage bag for me to travel. My current bag is not big enough. 28 inches size will be the best. I like Pierre Cardin/ Elle brand. Their quality are good. OK fine, I think most of you feeling wanna beat me when I mentioned this present.

2) Aqua Label Enhancer ( Red )
I saw a lot of ppl recommend this product. Aqua Label Enhancer.. I would like to try.. My face need enhancer... moisture moisture..I think this cost RM50++

3) Laptop Bag
I need a smaller laptop bag. In fact, I saw a nice one in gurney, Alain Delon Brand, Black in colour was displayed in the middle of gurney (some where in front Timberland shop). It just cost RM50~~ Only 1 laptop bag was displayed. No hand carry type please.

4) Long necklace
A simple long necklace will be fine. For matching clothes purpose since I don't have any at the moment.

5) Purse

I seriously need a purse as the compartment for putting the coins were broken. However, I still can't find a suitable purse for myself. I need a purse with coin compartment, a lot of slots to place card, preferably 2 compartments to put cash. I prefer a short purse instead of a long 1. Ok, I know I'm fussy..

6) Origin eye cream

My eye cream finished... however this cost RM129...

7) Ear Warmer

I'm going for a trip soon. It will be very cold very cold. Who want to sponsor me this??? I need one. Please buy a nice one. If you wish to buy this, please it pass to me before 11 Nov... 

8) Hair accessory

Any hair accessory will do. Even a hair band which can use for dinner can be acceptable.

9) Clothes and etc
OKla, I know most of the items i post up is costly. So any present I'll still accept happily.. haha..