Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Fai Kee Fish Head Mee Hoon 辉记 @ Ipoh

I think those who are from Ipoh should be familiar with this shop. If u born in Ipoh and you never taste this, then u better pay a visit to this restaurant.

Yes, the best fish head mee hoon restaurant. Whenever we talked about fish head mee hoon, we will automatically relate it with this shop, it is just like whenever you talk about oranges, you will think of Sunkist. I rarely eat fish head mee hoon simply because the taste doesn't induce me much. However, the fish head mee hoon in this restaurant is really attracted me. And I often have my breakfast here.

Fish Meat mee hoon without evaporated milk - RM6.00

The best part for the whole dish is the soup!! The soup is really tempting with the sweet and sourly taste (due to salted vegetable) and you can't resist by keep on slurping the soup. Yummy~ If you prefer to have a more traditional one, you may request to add the evaporated milk. 

Yes, actually I ordered fish meat instead of fish head. Can you see how big piece of the meat ? They never stingy in serving the big portion of the fish meat. Fresh, big, and more are another selling point of the bowl! 

 Fried Pork Meat Bead - RM 6.00 (for medium size)
Another food/ snack that you shouldn't missed out in this restaurant is the fried pork meat!!! This freshly fried Pork Meat Bead give a chewy and juicy taste. 

One thing to beware is the portion of the Meehoon is really big, ladies like me who have a small little stomach only during in the morning  can order 2 bowls for three person instead of everyone get one. I can never finish one big bowl even though after years visited to this shop.

Name              :Fai Kee Restaurant 辉记小食馆
Address          :28, Jalan Seenivasagam, 30450 Ipoh. Google map
Location          :Same street with Oversea restaurant.
Operation Time:  Daily 6.30-4.00pm

Monday, March 26, 2012

Michelangelo's Pizza @ Ipoh

Craving for Pizza but doesn't want to go for typical franchise pizza? This will be a good choice for you.
Michelangelo's Pizza. The signboard of the shop might mislead you to assume as a kebab shop without _reading the words properly. That was at least how I thought in the beginning. -_-''

The shop was overwhelming with a lot of customers and that made us waited for around 20-30 minutes to sit in. I'm not sure whether this happens every weekend or everyone just discover the shop at the same time. There is one special rule in this shop, do not ever try to tell the waiter '5 people' with only your presence alone, they won't allow you to sit in except everyone turn up physically.

There is a corner allows you to see the process of pizza making.

Start from the way they fly spread the dough.

Decorate the dough with heaps of cheese and lovely ingredients.

Burn Bake the Pizza. 

Yeah, free show while waiting for the food to be served.

Here it comes, the pizza~ Yes, you can choose up to two flavours in a single pizza without extra charges.

 3 Cheese - combination of mozzarella, parmesan and feta cheese. RM34.80/ pizza
This definitely suits the cheese lover.

 Bacon and Egg - Smoke streaky bacon with eggs, smothered with cheddar cheese and topped with salt and pepper. RM33.80/ pizza
This is the flavour that I like most among the four and I guess this is the popular choice in the shop! Taste like having a breakfast piece on a piece of pizza.

 Cheese with herb - RM?? (yes, my fault, forget to jot down again..such a stupid mistake)
Erm.........., this is not my cup of tea..... the herb is too bitter for me. :(

Miki-Miki's Hawaiian -Grilled chicken with pineapple RM30.80
The slim pizza base allow you to enjoy the topping more but it will be even better if the crust is crispy for the middle piece.

Name              : Michelangelo's Pizza
Address           : 40, Jalan Medan Ipoh 1B, 
                          Medan Ipoh Bistari,
                          31400 Ipoh. Google map
Operation Time : Tuesday - Sunday 6.00pm-10.30pm
                           Monday               Closed

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Beacon Point @ Ipoh

Beacon Point, the cafe that I wanted to try for quite some times. I was being unlucky, I went twice yet failed to taste the food. Once during Chinese New Year and once during Sunday. Yes, it closed on both days even it was a Sunday. 

However, my luck wasn't too bad, finally I got the chance to step in the cafe.
A shop looks normal from outside. 

The decoration is like the home style cafe. 

Something out of my surprise was the cafe actually didn't have too much choices for the main course. Yes, this cafe is more incline to the afternoon tea style with various types of cakes, bread and pastry choices. Anyhow, they do offer three  different set lunch everyday. During the day of my visit, the set lunch choices given were chicken, pasta and mix grill.

The set lunch consists of soup + main course + dessert + coffee/tea. I would say their prices offered for set lunch are very reasonable. It would be a good choice for you if you like to have different kind of food for meal.

 The mushroom soup with bread pieces.

Mix grill RM21.80/set (set lunch)
Combination of three types of meat with a home made sauce, together with mash potatoes and coleslaw. 

Lemongrass Chicken RM15.80/set (set lunch)
Chicken with mash potato in between with special lemon grass sauce. Unique Lemon grass sauce that hardly  found at other cafe.

A piece of banana cake and tea/coffee

Fish & Chips RM8.90 (ala carte)

 I've heard of their famous Fish and Chip and due to that we purposely order to have a taste on this. The appearance definitely different with typical Fish & Chips. This is more likely to a snack. But, something disappoint me was the fish served was not fresh at all. Even it was deep fried yet we can taste the unfreshness of the fish. And, we just able to finish two pieces out of the whole bucket. Sorry.

 Butter Rum Cheese Cake RM6.80
 The cheese cake is very soft. It is creamy with unique butter rum and light cheese cake flavour. However, butter rum is not my cup of tea.

 Name             : Beacon Point
Address            : 41, Lintasan Perajurit 6, Taman Perak, 31400 Ipoh, Perak. Google Map
Operation Time : Monday to Thurs  11.00am- 6.00pm
                          Friday to Saturday 11.00am- 10.30pm
                          Sunday                  Closed
Website            :

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Secret Garden in Ipoh

Since I come back to Ipoh, there are a few friends around me keep on talking about 'Secret Garden'. What is that so special about this restaurant?

Finally, I had a chance to walk in this restaurant and try the food. Please bear with the photo quality as I took the photos with my stupid phone and that was the best quality I can captured with my lousy technique.
There is large wording welcoming all the guests while entering the car park.

Yes, the big bungalow is the restaurant. This seems like the latest trend for new big restaurant in Ipoh!

The side view.

This is the internal environment.

 OKOK, food remains the main character in restaurant. Here comes the food that we had on that day.

Wild Grill Special - Grill Beef, Chicken, Lamb, cocktail sausages, Pita Bread, Garlic Bread, Mix Bell Pepper, Home Made Dip RM42.90

This definitely special created for greedy people like me who want to try different type of meat at the same time!

Chicken Parmigianina - Baked with Parmesan, Mozzarella Cheese, Tomato Salsa, Sauteed Spaghetti RM33.90
This portion of the food doesn't look big but it definitely make you full after 2 balls of chicken Parmigianina stuffed your stomach.

Fisherman's Platter - Breaded Fish Fillet, Salmon Coupacein, Grill Mussle, Prawn, Squid, Kikoman Wasabi, Mesclun Salad Rm39.90
Yes, platter again but with seafood theme for seafood lover. The serving is slightly similar with Japanese food.

 This is a nice one. The scrumptious sauce can even attracted my father who is a non spaghetti lover. However, I forget to jot down the name......................................
Search this out when you are in the restaurant and tell me. :P

Name               : The Secret Garden
Address            : 42, Jalan Cheah Cheng Lim, 30250 Ipoh, Perak. Google Map
Operation Time : Monday to Friday 12.00pm- 1.00am
                          Saturday              12.00pm- 2.00am
                          Sunday                 12.00pm- 1.00am
Website           : 

Sunday, March 11, 2012

South Island Road Trip

Got this from my friend's GPS recently. This was our South Island trip after we worked hard for few months. The best reward for ourselves during the working holiday. It just like a dream for me, it seems so fake when we looked back but it was truly happened! That was the first time I called myself backpacker, that was the first time I stepped out Malaysia with guts and undoubtedly, that was the first time I being so far from Malaysia and stayed in another country for such a long time.

During this trip, we drove 3500km in 14 days with our own car. Amazing! Luckily there were 4 drivers in the car, taking turn to drive definitely allowed everyone had enough energy to explore around New Zealand. I would said the first day was the craziest day which we drove 593km with about 8 hours driving. However, this definitely the most wonderful trip I've ever been. We planned the whole trip by ourselves, drove around by car, explored around,  and used the least fund to complete it! Yes, I believe this gonna be the best story I'll tell my grandchildren in the future. 'Hey, your grandmother went for working holiday and did the bungy jump and sky diving!'

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Top 10 Items to Bring for Working Holiday

Let me list out 10 items which you might not thinking of bringing it along but it plays an crucial role in your New Zealand Working Holiday. Bear in mind, this is NOT the top 10 important items to bring.

1) Day Pack
I would says 99% people will go for hiking/ walk during your working holiday. There are simply too much walkway for us to explore. A good quality day pack is important for you to bring along your necessity and the most important is it will make you more comfortable during your hiking.

2) Compression bag
This is definitely a good helper for you a long trip! It allows you to have more (instead a lot) space to pack your things! But bear in mind, it doesn't reduce the weight of your items. :) You can buy it at Daiso,  Ace Hardware or some traveller's shop. It just cost RM5-10 each.

3) Multi Pocket Security Belt
Passport, credit card!!! Although New Zealand is a country famous with its good security, it is better always to be careful. Bring your passport together with u all the time with this belt. You never know what kind of people are with you especially in the backpackers hostel. Yes, I am coward type, I even hug it when I slept in backpackers. This is slim and adjustable, just hide it underneath your clothes. It cost around RM20. Get it at traveller's shop like Rofina.

4)Skin Care
Remember to bring enough skin care for your whole trip!! The variety of skin care in New Zealand is very limited. If you don't mind to risk your face with unfamiliar product, leave this in Malaysia.

5) Sun Block
If you wish to use sun block with more than SPF50, bring it from Malaysia. There is no such thing in New Zealand. Sun block is important because the UV here is extremely high. Don't torture your skin.

6) Sun Glasses
Not for beauty purpose, the UV here is simply too high, sometimes you will feel your eyes are uncomfortable after have a long walk outdoor. Love your eyes.

7) Rubber Band
I must emphasize on this! It is very very very very hard to find a rubber band in NZ which kiwis don't have the habit of tying up their food (biscuits, potato chips). You will need it when your food / ingredients need to tied up. Bring 1 pack of rubber band to NZ!!!

8) Counter Pain
This will be your best mate if you work outdoor. Even you do not work outdoor, you will need it after some great hiking (Tongariro Alpine Crossing!!! 8 hours of hike)

9) Hair Dryer
Bring this along if you wanna pass your Working Holiday during winter time (even spring/ autumn cause it's gonna be cold). You will love this when you are cold and with wet hair!

10) Extra Camera Battery
Yes, highly recommend on this. If you have spare, please bring it. A lot of my friends have their camera battery gone during the important time!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Working Holiday Packing Checklist

This is the checklist for those who are going for working holiday. This might easier for you to check anything you miss out during packing.