Friday, May 30, 2008

Leaving Penang

It has been three years, i staying in Penang. I still remember during the first week in the orientation of usm, i felt like i was attending a camp, a very relaxing camp which we actually had time to take a nap every afternoon. The memories were freshly remember as if it was just happened yesterday.

Penang, a place which is quite easily to adapt with. Many many things happened throughout these three years, and i had treated here as my second home. The most valuable thing i would say is the friendships that builded up in these three years. I get to know lots of friends from other states, get to know the different cultures and different thinking of people from other states, get to go many places for trip, went to friends' houses at other states and shared all the ups and downs which was hardly to describe in words. There are too much stories i can tell and i wonder how it gonna be fitted in this blog.

I didn't notice that actually Penang brought me such a wonderful memories. Of course, in my bottom of heart, Penang is not comparable with Ipoh which is my home town. Ipoh, is always the best place to stay, producing the best food in Malaysia. But, some of the wonderful memories were written down right here, Penang. Until today, finally i gonna leave penang soon, on this coming sat. I'm going to continue my course in KL for 3 weeks and followed by Terrenganu, 1 week. After that, i'll be back Ipoh again, except i get an job offer right after my course. So, if i get a job other than in Penang, i won't be back penang anymore.

At this moment, suddenly i noticed that i'm gonna miss Penang a lot. Miss all the friends here, some of them who i might have no chance to meet them again. Miss all the memories. I guess the feeling was just same like when i was leaving Ipoh and came Penang for my tertiary education. Life is like that, keep on changing and continue, without give us a chance to actually stop and look around. We have to keep on moving fwd, from stage to stage. There is another stage of life waiting for me, maybe i'll have another interesting stories waiting for me. But, i'm sure i miss all of you.

Thanks all of you that leaving such a good memories with me. And for those who actually read my blog, thanks for supporting my blog and bear with my broken english.

Oh ya, i might not be online in the coming month, because i wonder there is internet connection for us in UPM? I guess no.. Gonna miss the internet connection.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Weird questions during interviews

I attended a few interviews recently. I found out most of the interviewers like to ask some tough questions like ' Tell me your weaknesses', 'Tell me the reasons for our company to hire you'. All these questions are really tough as like you have to promote yourself but at the same time, you cannot over promoted yourself.

But, i met some of the interviewers asked some weird questions. I was abit shocked when i first time being asked these questions.

' Do u have a boyfriend?', ' Are your boyfriend staying here?'

Huh? What type of question was that? Since when a 'boyfriend' plays such in important role in interviewers' eye?

But the interviewer did explain for asking the questions. Some of the interviewers don't feel secure for the interviewee from other states. Some of them will feel that those people from other state will treat the company as a stepping stone and will not stay there for a long period. Then, if you have a bf there, most of them will feel more relieve. But, for some companies, they treat it the other way round. If you have a boyfriend, or boyfriend from other state, they feel that you are not willing to have a long working time or work during public holiday (which i agree to this point. haha)

The same situation occured today, not in interview, but in FTMC. They are suggesting the president to get me a job in Penang so that i won't be running away. Then, the president herself suggested (joke) to get me a bf in Penang. Ha ha. Well, that might be work. haha..

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Miss 'him'

Such a long long time i had barely remember 'him'. I still remember 'he' accompanied me since I was small until my secondary school time. At that time, I met up with 'him' very frequent, especially during the holiday time. 'He' make my life became more colourful and 'he' also tried his hard to accompany me and filled up my leisure time.

Sorry that I had leave you for such a long time since i entered university. I didn't spent the time with you. But, the condition forced me to do so because I had to rush my assignments, lab reports and tests during my tertiary education.

Ya, I know I had neglected you. Until today, I passed by the shop andI suddenly think about you. So, I had decided to meet up with you again.

Ya, the only comic that i can't finish during my secondary time. Miss you a lot. :P

p/s: Ya, I know this comic had published long time already, but i want to know the ending of the story. Still a long way to go. May need more time.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Back to Microbe

After turned a big round, my life back to the microbe world. During this entire week, we are directed to do the microbe lab. A different feeling while entering this lab again, no more tension, no more overtime, (For your info, my final year project project related to microbe), but change to blur feeling. Haha , this is because i didn't attend the first class and the lab actually is continuous from the first day.

We were exposed to some new agar and new knowledge. Let me show u some of the examples.

Cute? The green colour 'dots' on red agar and the black 'dots' on the white agar were actually microorganism.. Hehe... Last time during my final year project, one of my housemate always said it was so 'geli' cause i kept on growing and 'breeding' the microbe.. Haha.. What to do? That was my job at that time.

Our table.

Haha.. I know it was a bit messy. But this is the actual condition when we did our lab. Haha..

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Job Hunting

This blog gonna be a boring blog, because it will not contains any photo and it just gonna be a diary.

I was thinking what to blog but life is just same as usual. Still the same, I'm attending the course in usm, and I'm still remain jobless. What is the problem with me and lead me jobless till now? Being too choosy in job? Ya, actually i did get a job offer. But, i had rejected it because i don't think it was a good offer. (Good offer does not mean high salary, there are other prospects that i look at) I'm not desperate in getting a job but things happen just like when you see most of your friends around were working, then you will start feel a bit 'gan cheong' (anxious) in getting a job too.

Another things in my mind is the location of working. I did consider to work in KL, just because i haven't stay in KL before, haven't really explore to the condition there. I think i can see and feel the different things in KL. But, the high living expenses and objection from parents become the barrier. Anyway, it depends on where i get the job offer then this only comes to the consideration.

Oh ya, talking about job hunting, actually i would like to send out some thank you notes to those who are actually helping me/ trying to help me to find a job. Through this case, i really feel the warmth from friends, friends who are giving me their helping hands without hesitation. Thanks a lot for it. You know who you are and i'm not going to mention all the names here. I will get help from you all if i really cannot find a job. Thanks

Monday, May 19, 2008

BMW Motor

Wao~ I saw a nice motor today. A bit huge but damn cool~ This is the first time i saw a BMW motor parked at the road side.
Badly, I do not have a motor lisence.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Final Fantasy

I am in Ipoh now~ Back to home town again. So, today i went to parade with my mom. Parade didn't change much, still the same as usual.

Then i passed by a shop and saw something nice.

Oh, so nice~ I know this is quite common and it can be found in quite a lot of places. But some of them are not nice. Actually i like this type of things. But i won't buy it cause it is too costly.. Final fantasy wasn't my most favourite la.. actually i like the people in the other comic but it rarely found. Not sure what is the comic name in english.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Cute creature~

Today i looked through the photo album in my phone, then saw the photo that i took last few months. A very cute creature.

Can't see clearly? Let me zoom it.

An insect with a smile face!!! Cute right?? It was a real insect. The face was not drew by us! It grows naturally. Found by my housemate and being caught by her. Don't worry, it was still alive, I think it was freed on the next day.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Different hair style

I noticed that my physical look change a lot since the past few years, different hair style and also different weight (become fatter and fatter.... sob..) My photo during Form 3 (15 years old). A very normal hair style and still very thin at that time.
Hi-lighted my hair right after completed STPM (19 years old). With a longer hair, started to gain weightCut my hair the day before entered university(20 years old). Became extremely thin when stayed in hostel (cause suffered over there...)
My hair became longer again~(21 years old) but gained a lot weight too...
Perm my hair(22 years old)~Most of the girls said the hair style was nice. But most of the guys said it was bad...
1 year after i permed my hair.. Became straighthen a lot.
Yeah~ Latest look. Short hair~ (and fat look).

So, any comments? Which hair style look best?

Monday, May 12, 2008


I thought after my graduation, I'll be completely leave the nightmare....who knows, today, the nightmare attack me again!!! ARGH!!Some of you might not know what am i doing now. For your information, i'm jobless now and i'm attending a 2 months course - Quality Assuarance from TESDEC in USM. This course basically provided by the government of Terrenganu to enhance our skill and knowledge before we step out from the comfortable university life. Since i'm jobless now, so i just join in.

For the first week, we have some lecture like usual. Then, from this week onwards, we'll be doing lab. I don't mind to do lab but i HATE to do lab report.....Now, here the nightmare comes....

Friday, May 9, 2008

BigMac Chant - Free Big Mac~

I had won a free Big Mac today~ so exicted!! Don't worry, i'm not the selfish type, let me teach you all how to get a free Big Mac too! I'm sure most of you saw this advertistment before in newspaper or in McD themselves. But i noticed that most of my friends around do not know what this advertistment about!

Ok, basically, this advertisement told us the way to win a Big Mac in Mcd. How? Firstly, you need to order a set of McValue (medium or large will do). Then, they will give you a piece of paper like this.

Front view Back view

*Two all-beef patties
Special sauce, lettuce,
cheese, pickles, onions,
On a sesame seed bun.*

Read the McD chant within 4 seconds, then you'll get a free Big Mac! Is it easy??

This is the voucher where you can claim the Big Mac anytime (within the period of promotion of coz)

Yeah~ my free Big Mac~

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Thesis hard cover

Wao! Finally, my hard cover thesis was completed!! All my 4 months hard work consists in this small small thesis. It looks so great for me although the outlook did not have much difference with other thesis!!

Wait, wait, hold on. The thesis look a bit weird. Let me see clearly.
OMG!!!! Did u notice???? They printed WRONGLY!!!! My title should be Identification but not Indentification!! OMG!!! I have go back to the shop and correct it...

Sunday, May 4, 2008


Finally~ i set up my new blog. Previously, i had the habits of writing blog in msn but after some times i had stop it due to some certain reasons, and now~i gonna start my blog again~~

At this time, i am in the state of unemployment. Why? Cause i just completed my degree, which means my university life just ended. omg!!! Some people congrate me for graduating, but is this a good news? I'm not sure about it, but i confirm that working life gonna be totally different with study life.

Actually i have many things that want to say to my friends, especially friends in uni. I remember in the beggining of university, i felt that my coursemates have a different thinking with me. Most of my coursemates are 'kia su' type and like to sit in the room and study all the time. And, i am the type of outgoing, doesn't like to stay in a room for entire day. After some times, my coursemates, especially my gang change a lot (of course i change too at the same time). Our frequency become closer. 7 of us in the same gang, where other coursemates like to call us as seven faires since we have 7 members among us. Thanks for all of u!! without u all, my uni life will not be so colourful~i'll miss the moment that we hanging out, went for trips, and searched for penang food together~haha~

secondly, the bunch of people that i want mention here of course is my housemates and some of the 'half' housemates. half? why half? cause they are not staying with me but they will appear in my house most of the time. Thanks to them so that i am able to go for so many places, and i'm able to discover places for supper and lastly thanks for helping me to GAIN weight by calling me to supper everyday (esp during 2nd year).

Then, the 3rd person, my best fren and best darling, sze yan. Ya i know, we r not keep in touch closely although we are in the same uni. But we did updated each other our own news when we met. Thanks for u accompany me since secondary school. All the while from secondary school till now, i noticed that you really grow up a lot. Take care yourself much especially you are in the different land now. Keep in touch!!!

Lastly, of course to all others my friends. Thanks all of u, thanks for growing up together with me.