Saturday, May 24, 2008

Miss 'him'

Such a long long time i had barely remember 'him'. I still remember 'he' accompanied me since I was small until my secondary school time. At that time, I met up with 'him' very frequent, especially during the holiday time. 'He' make my life became more colourful and 'he' also tried his hard to accompany me and filled up my leisure time.

Sorry that I had leave you for such a long time since i entered university. I didn't spent the time with you. But, the condition forced me to do so because I had to rush my assignments, lab reports and tests during my tertiary education.

Ya, I know I had neglected you. Until today, I passed by the shop andI suddenly think about you. So, I had decided to meet up with you again.

Ya, the only comic that i can't finish during my secondary time. Miss you a lot. :P

p/s: Ya, I know this comic had published long time already, but i want to know the ending of the story. Still a long way to go. May need more time.


Anonymous said...

This comic I like it very very much...

Anonymous said...

I'm Eng Tong

Hui Yi said...

Eng Tong: Wah, finally i found somebody like this comic too~~ Yeah~