Friday, May 23, 2008

Back to Microbe

After turned a big round, my life back to the microbe world. During this entire week, we are directed to do the microbe lab. A different feeling while entering this lab again, no more tension, no more overtime, (For your info, my final year project project related to microbe), but change to blur feeling. Haha , this is because i didn't attend the first class and the lab actually is continuous from the first day.

We were exposed to some new agar and new knowledge. Let me show u some of the examples.

Cute? The green colour 'dots' on red agar and the black 'dots' on the white agar were actually microorganism.. Hehe... Last time during my final year project, one of my housemate always said it was so 'geli' cause i kept on growing and 'breeding' the microbe.. Haha.. What to do? That was my job at that time.

Our table.

Haha.. I know it was a bit messy. But this is the actual condition when we did our lab. Haha..


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