Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Job Hunting

This blog gonna be a boring blog, because it will not contains any photo and it just gonna be a diary.

I was thinking what to blog but life is just same as usual. Still the same, I'm attending the course in usm, and I'm still remain jobless. What is the problem with me and lead me jobless till now? Being too choosy in job? Ya, actually i did get a job offer. But, i had rejected it because i don't think it was a good offer. (Good offer does not mean high salary, there are other prospects that i look at) I'm not desperate in getting a job but things happen just like when you see most of your friends around were working, then you will start feel a bit 'gan cheong' (anxious) in getting a job too.

Another things in my mind is the location of working. I did consider to work in KL, just because i haven't stay in KL before, haven't really explore to the condition there. I think i can see and feel the different things in KL. But, the high living expenses and objection from parents become the barrier. Anyway, it depends on where i get the job offer then this only comes to the consideration.

Oh ya, talking about job hunting, actually i would like to send out some thank you notes to those who are actually helping me/ trying to help me to find a job. Through this case, i really feel the warmth from friends, friends who are giving me their helping hands without hesitation. Thanks a lot for it. You know who you are and i'm not going to mention all the names here. I will get help from you all if i really cannot find a job. Thanks


bluebell said...


June Yan said...

ban ban lai.

Hui Yi said...

yan: haha...if really get a job can treat u eat ge...but not those expensive 1 la please..

June yan: ok :)