Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Course attended

Many people asked me about my course, what course was I attended and how was my course. Actually, I attended the course about HACCP and auditing HACCP and PRP. Ya, I attended 2 courses.

The course was very informative where all the important and neccessary information were included in the syllabus. Despite from that, I would said the lecturer for the course was very experience and she able to answer all our queries clearly.

Thanks for the organiser well preparation, I grew fat after the 1 week course.  I was not sure the actual reason perhaps the organiser felt that attendees would absorded best with a full stomach.

We were served 4 meals per day (excluding dinner which we need to search ourselves). The first meal will be the complimentary breakfast was served by hotel. It was nice sadly I cannot take much in the morning.

Then, it followed with tea break at 10.00 more.
Then, lunch was served at 1.00pm. Of course, we had it in hotel coffee shop and it was served in buffet style. (sorry for photo was not taken. )

Again, 3.30 tea time.
And, dinner where we needed to look for it ourselves.

Coffee and tea was served in every meal. I guess this was the essential item to keep us awake in the class.
This was how my course like. Basically, all was eat, eat, eat. Some of you might jealous with the scrumptious meal served. However, we need to pay back with a fat body figure and perhaps another longer suffering period for losing weight. Sob sob..

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Stupid Incidents

Just a little update before I sleep, want to share with you all a few weird incidents happened these few days.

I am in KL now until end of this week for training. Thanks to this course, I can stay in a 4 star hotel for a week. When we talk about 4 star hotel, we will think of a good hotel serves good food, comfortable room and of course good security.

Ya, the food served is good, vast variety and the taste is not bad. However, some cases happened in 2 days just make me have bad impression towards the hotel. One of the attendee for the course lost her whole bag with laptop which was placed inside her room! Ya, her room was locked and she kept her laptop in her bag and it was put in room. Then, what happened was the bag disappeared from her room!! How could a bag just disappear like that?? According to the friend of mine, she made a complaint to hotel personnel and they investigated by checking through the CCTV. The records showed a man opened the door (I'm not sure how he opened) and took the bag out. Imagine, a man can just open the door and took the bag out!! Now, the questions are, how could he open the door and how he knew there was a laptop inside?? Just think about it..

Then, another incident happened today which was just my 3rd days staying here. I was resting in my room and suddenly 'pop' , the whole room blacked out.. huh?? Black out? Yes!!! Then, the light at the entrance door switched on automatically after a few seconds and the rest of the lights were not functioning. Luckily light outside the corridor and one lift were still operating. I took the lift down for clarification and the receptionist just said 'no electricity, please wait for 10 min'. NO ELECTRICITY!!!! Black out happened in a 4 star hotel???? I had stayed in hotel many times and this was the first time in my life I met a black out in a hotel. The rating of the hotel in bottom of my heart had dropped drastically. Luckily the incident only took place for 10 minutes. So, which hotel was it? If you want to know, just ask me personally.

Another not related incident which I felt it was a bit stupid. A male friend of mine took me out for a movie since I came down to KL. After that, he fetched me back to hotel by motor after everything was done. During our way back to hotel, we were stopped by 2 policemen. They directed us to stop at the road side and stopped the engine of the motor. After some lame introduction by the policemen, he told us that the back light of the motor was not functioning. Both of us felt weird and my friend checked the back light. Surprisingly, the light was working! The police clarified that it was not working just now when he saw us. Never mind, perhaps the wire is not connected properly or coincidentally it was not functioning at that moment or anything. Here came the interesting part. The lame conversation continued. It went like this:-

P: Where are you working?
My Friend: Working at XXXXX.
Me: Working in Penang.
P: I see.. is this girl (me) your gf?
My friend: No, we are just friend.
P: Where are you going?
My friend: Fetching her back to hotel.
P: I see.. faster get married la. Then both of you do no need go to hotel.
Me: (*#&$(*#&*&%*;)

HUH???? WTF???? Is that how our police should act? Hey, we are VERY TRUE friend and is that means going to hotel must be doing something bad?? Is that the mind of our police??

Police should be a person who holds strict to the law and maintaining the securities of the country. He should be a person who act as a representative for the country and he should have a clear thought for what is right and what is wrong. Imagine I were the foreigner and I heard this kind of thing, what am i going to think about this country?

 So, what will be in your mind when this person talking to you in this way?

Sunday, March 14, 2010

New Toys

Today I got 2 new toys. I am very excited over my new toys therefore I post it up here to express my excitement.

Let's see my first toy.

Tada~~ I think most of you already know what is inside the box.

It's a net book~~ It is so cute with just 10.1'' display. I can just put it in my hand bag and bring it anywhere without anyone notice its presence. It is just too convenient to bring along as this is just like a small size hand bag for girls. I don't have to bring my huge dinosaur age laptop anymore when I need to travel. 

You might ask, how much is it?

 It is FREE~~ 

Free? yes, I didn't type wrongly. Why? Just find out here

Of course, net book is still a net book. Never compare it with laptop. It cannot do multi task/ heavy task like laptop. That's why it never named as a 'laptop'. Anyway, I like it very much.

Here comes, my second toy.
Cute?? It is a accessory and it just looks so adorable to me. It is so cute like a new style of barbie doll and it can be hung on bags/ hand phone if you don't mind its size.

The manufacturer put lots of efforts in it and it looks so fine with the nice clothing with it. She even got 'bling bling' on her shirt.

Guess what, the shoe of the doll can even take off.

Like this.
So Cuteeee~~ By the way, it is not selling in Malaysia at the moment. (I think so because so far I never see this). This is given by a friend from Taiwan. Thank you. I like it so much.

That's my two new toy. Show off time ends. 

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Bali Trip II

Second day in Bali

We watched a cultural dance & sketch in the morning. If you doesn't like to watch cultural dance you might not like this. But for me, this type of performance always let us know more about their culture.

This is Barong. Something like chinese lion.

Then, we went to an art gallery. In Bali, you can see a lot of nice painting like painting abour padi field, sea side, mountain, birds. I think padi is one of Bali's trade mark therefore this type of paintings sell everywhere and the art work is beautiful.They are cheap as well if you are good in bargain.

After that, it was time for us to see the real padi field located at Ubud village.

The rural area view always looks wonderful.

Next station - Coffee Farm. It was my first time stepped in coffee farm but I was overwhelming welcome by a big bunch of mosquitoes. I was the only one among seven people entered the farm forced to donate blood there.

We were treated with free coffee and chocolate drinks.

For coffee lover, I think here is the right place for you as Coffee Luwak are selling here. Sorry I didn't buy as I don't have the gut to try it as I worry I'll think about it when I am in toilet.

Of course, temple was another place we gone. A famous temple- Holy Water Temple.

I guess most of you saw this type of photos before.

Bali people believe the holy water can help them to fulfill their wish. Never try to jump in the water and bath before you know the actual procedure. Every single water stream had their own meaning. You should bath according to sequence and according to your wish as well. But, how they know the function of each water stream? According to my tour guide, they rememberd it by the sequence of the water stream.

Beside the temple, there was a market selling souvenier, clothes, bags, hand craft. This place selling the goods at cheapest price among all the places we visited. You may get a dinner bag by Rm10++, a dress by RM8 ++, a big travel bag RM12. Once you bought the first item, everyone at every stall will welcome you and some of them even try their best to 'pull' you in their stall and offer you the same stuff with cheaper price. At the end, you found out the price may go much way down to the first price offered to you. So, don't be shy in bargain.

Last but not least, spa time. We went to 'Abian massage and Saloon'. Spa only cost about RM120 for welcome tea + 2 hours massage + scrubing + floral bath + simple dinner. I think it was worth to try.

After relaxed whole bodoy with massage, again, it was time back to hotel and rest. That was the end of second day.

Stay tune for Bali Part III~

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Bali Part I

What had you done during the past Chinese New year? Visited relatives? Gambling? Gathering with friends? Well, during the first day of Chinese New Year, I was not in Malaysia. I was in Bali~ Ya, I had a trip there with my whole family members~~

Ok, let me tell you my trip in Bali. Basically, Bali is consists of beaches + temples + cheap stuffs + spa. When you think of Bali, you will think of beaches. There are a lot of beaches in Bali and we just able to go two beaches (I think there should be not much difference for beaches right?). I went to Nusa Dua Beach, and Beach at Kuta (if I'm not mistaken).

This is the Nusa Dua beach.

If you are a beach lover and you like water sport as well, here is the place for you. Vast variety of water sports available here. The most attractive one is the Dive walker.

So far I didn't see this available in Malaysia. For the dive walker, They'll put weight around ur waist as a belt to avoid you from floating up the sea water. Then they'll put a ballon -like glass on your head for you to breath. Simple hand gestures were taught before you done down so that neccessary communication still can be done.

This is the amazing part whereby you can breath by your nose and you can WALK under the sea!!

See~ Fishes like me.. hehe

The dissapointing part was the coral in the sea was actually being polluted and they had shown their dismay with their dull skin colour. We spent almost whole day time there just for the water sport.

Then, we went to Jendela Bali, GWK Cultural Park.

Here, we saw a lot of big big statues of their God. According to my Tour Guide, there are 3 Gods they believed in, Wind, Water and Fire. Forgive me that I had forgotten their actual name.

All the blocks in the photos will be tranformed into statue after completed. At that time, the world highest statue will be located in Bali after this park was completely built.

Again, we went to beach at Kuta. This place is suit for surfing but sadly not much wind on that day. Actually I also do not know how to play surfing.

We were too exhauted to go down the water again, so we just took some photos.

Clear sea water~ plus hot sun

Next station- Uluwatu Temple. A temple which located above a mountain and this is the place you can see nice view.

Why am I wearing a purple skirt? Well, I was wearing a short pant on that day. According to Bali culture, a proper attire was needed in order to enter their temple to show our respect to the God. So, for those who wear short pant, you are compulsory to 'wrap' with cloth and tight up with a small piece of cloth. (This will be provided at the entrance of the temple).
This is the view that you can see when you go up the temple.

This is a great place for sight-seeing! But remember, never wear sun glasses or cap when you go there. This animal was not really friendly there. If you insist to do so, please shop around and prepare to buy another new one.

This was how our day 1 trip gone. Stay Tune for Day 2.