Saturday, March 6, 2010

Bali Trip II

Second day in Bali

We watched a cultural dance & sketch in the morning. If you doesn't like to watch cultural dance you might not like this. But for me, this type of performance always let us know more about their culture.

This is Barong. Something like chinese lion.

Then, we went to an art gallery. In Bali, you can see a lot of nice painting like painting abour padi field, sea side, mountain, birds. I think padi is one of Bali's trade mark therefore this type of paintings sell everywhere and the art work is beautiful.They are cheap as well if you are good in bargain.

After that, it was time for us to see the real padi field located at Ubud village.

The rural area view always looks wonderful.

Next station - Coffee Farm. It was my first time stepped in coffee farm but I was overwhelming welcome by a big bunch of mosquitoes. I was the only one among seven people entered the farm forced to donate blood there.

We were treated with free coffee and chocolate drinks.

For coffee lover, I think here is the right place for you as Coffee Luwak are selling here. Sorry I didn't buy as I don't have the gut to try it as I worry I'll think about it when I am in toilet.

Of course, temple was another place we gone. A famous temple- Holy Water Temple.

I guess most of you saw this type of photos before.

Bali people believe the holy water can help them to fulfill their wish. Never try to jump in the water and bath before you know the actual procedure. Every single water stream had their own meaning. You should bath according to sequence and according to your wish as well. But, how they know the function of each water stream? According to my tour guide, they rememberd it by the sequence of the water stream.

Beside the temple, there was a market selling souvenier, clothes, bags, hand craft. This place selling the goods at cheapest price among all the places we visited. You may get a dinner bag by Rm10++, a dress by RM8 ++, a big travel bag RM12. Once you bought the first item, everyone at every stall will welcome you and some of them even try their best to 'pull' you in their stall and offer you the same stuff with cheaper price. At the end, you found out the price may go much way down to the first price offered to you. So, don't be shy in bargain.

Last but not least, spa time. We went to 'Abian massage and Saloon'. Spa only cost about RM120 for welcome tea + 2 hours massage + scrubing + floral bath + simple dinner. I think it was worth to try.

After relaxed whole bodoy with massage, again, it was time back to hotel and rest. That was the end of second day.

Stay tune for Bali Part III~


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How Jun said...

Din buy kopi luwak for me?

pakaworld said...

I have never seen or heard about this country before. So do post more about your country and also please tell us the whole truth about your country Bali.

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these pictures are sooo beautiful! you make bali sound and look so wonderful that i really want to go there.

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