Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Places visited during KL

I went to many places during my course in MARDI, Serdang. Sometimes, all of us felt that we were having a trip in KL for 3 weeks. We went out everyday and we just stayed in hostel for 2 days without going out for the entire 3 weeks time. Geng? It was inconvenient to go out because we needed to take a bus whenever we went. The nearest places were South City plaza and also The Mines which we can reached by bus directly. But if we want to go to KL central like Bukit Bintang, we had to take bus from UPM, then changed to KTM to KL Central, and lastly Monorial to Bukit Bintang. Yet, we were so energetic to go out that far during weekend. Haha~ It was enjoyable and memorable.

Ok, let me tell you about some of the places we went.

1) Firstly, none than others, Eye On malaysia

I wished to visit Eye on Malaysia long long time ago, and now finally i can actually stand in front it and took a photo with it. We even took a ride on that giant Ferris Wheel. It was not cheap, RM15 per person, yet, we insisted want to go up. Haha~ It is very beautiful because we can saw the shadow of the Ferris wheel on the lake, and maybe this is why it called Eye on Malaysia.

This is the photo we took in the cabin. Hehe~

2) Famous Satay Kajang Hj Samuri.

Kajang is famous for their satay and we had the chance to come here and tried the satay. Actually this was the idea of our lecturer, Dr Fazilah. Of course, she treated us the satay~ Hehe.

The size of the satay in Kajang was double compared to the satay at the other places. The satay source served was completely different with what we used to have. But, for me, it was not really very nice.

3) Ice Skating, Sunway Pyramid
This was the first time I played ice skating, very excited and worry at the same time. Haha. It was a very very good experience, I fall in love with this activity after whole day skating.

But, the happiness need to be paid... Why I said that?

*Sob*, my legs were full with bruises due to fall down. Too happy to skate and too kan cheong to skate fast and this was the consequences. sob sob...

4) Factory visit, Beryls' Factory

Beryl's factory visit was what we waiting for. All of us love chocolate~ and this factory was located in Serdang too, not far from UPM.

But the factory visit did not reached our expectation. We were given the chance to see the production but the person in charge was too rush and kept on walking very fast throughout the production place. I think the time we spent in the production was not more than 10 minutes. So, what was the main purpose to go there? That was - bought chocolate. Oh, we had dropped to the trap set by the company!!! We went there and bought tons of chocolate and this was actually the tricks ( or should i say strategy) of the company. *sigh* What to do, we love chocolate.

5) Keropok Factory

We were brought to the keropok factory which was located 1 hour travel time away from Beryl's. I don't understand why they choose this factory.

A VERY BIG factory.... -_-''

But, we were allowed to take photo inside. The company quite impressed us by their high hygenic food handling method.

5) The Gardens

Finally i had the chance to shop at this shopping complex. Ern, i should said, window shopping. Haha! All the stuffs and brand were extremely expensive over there and they are not affordable for people like me. But, it was a good expenrice to go there. The Gardens is well designed and it gave us a very comfortable, very classy feeling.

The stairs were similiar with the stairs in Harry Potter. Haha
Of course, except all the places that i posted up, we went to a lot of places too, like Sungai Wang, Times Square, Mid valley, 1-Utama, Sunway Pyramid. Haha~ went a lot of places right? Hehe...

Monday, June 23, 2008

Food, food, food

Let me refresh back to the time in MARDI, Serdang.

Mardi, Serdang

And the food that we produced at that time~

Curry chicken

This food cooked by us and we sealed it in the can. The main purpose was just let us understand how the can sealed and way to preserve the food. Well, actually we learnt it in university time.

Fried Pineapple

Have you ever heard of fried pineapple? This time we produced it in MARDI. It looked similiar with nuggests but inside was pineapple but not meat. A very special texture, crunchy outside but juicy inside. It is frozen food so we put it in fridge and fried it when we want to eat.

Fried banana

I think this is not special, it is easily available everywhere. But, the special way is it is frozen food. It can keep in fridge.


Wao~~my favourite food processing. We made the chocolate and put it in mould~ It is not easy to produce chocolate with high quality, no blooming and with shining surface. I enjoyed this class.

Jelly candy

Erm, not really special but i like those shape. We purposely choose blue colour cause blue colour jellies are not available outside. Haha~ The jellies that we produced were too sweet.

Fried Nangka

This is quite special for me also, hard to see this product selling outside. The texture was nice, very crunchy and not really oily (if process it correctly).


We produced our own mee~~ Haha! But not really taste good, too soft.


One of my favourite bread~ It really taste as good as the commercial croissant. But after the food processing, i think i'll take it less because this food is really bad for our health. It made by using lots of hydrogenated butter, means it is high in tran fats. So, friends, do not take this too much.

Mexican Bun

Mexican bun~ Not really taste good, can't comparable with Roti boy.. Sadly.

Dried Papaya

Some people said it was nice. But I'm not really like it, too sweet.

Nata De Coco

Finally i know the processing method of Nata De Coco. It is make from coconut juice and undergo some reaction with microbe (fermentation), and that is how nata produced. This food is very high in fibre and good for health. So, take more. Haha~

Actually there were more food that we had produced, but sadly I didn't take the photos. So, how are those food, look nice right? hehe..

Sunday, June 22, 2008


I am in Marang, Terrenganu now. My course in UPM had completed and now i continue my course in Terrenganu for 1 week. Then, it will be the end of my course. There are too many things that i want to post up here and share with all of you but the time is not allowed. Internet connection here just available in certain building, and it is a bit far from our doom(Ya, we staying in doom). So just let me share a little bit in Terrenganu. For the interesting part in UPM, Serdang, i'll post up another blog later.

Currently I'm staying in TESDEC company in Marang. The place here is some kind of very very 'ulu' place. So, there are no transport for us to go out and there are nothing around us, except for bushes and forest. Luckily, they provided us bus to fetch us to Kualan Terrenganu on Sat (no class) so that we can actually explore around Terrenganu.

When we just reached Kuala Terrenganu, we noticed that mosques are available everywhere. Even you are walking, there must be a mosque somewhere around you.

Landmark in Kuala Terrenganu

Then, the buildings here are quite different from Ipoh and Penang. Even the lamp post here were well decorated. But, if compare to the level of development, it is not really well developed like Penang. Terrenganu should be a rich state due to the petroleum production, but i wonder why they are not really developing?

Oh ya, there is a type of bus here called 'Bus Bandar' which is very special and attractive. The bus fare is cheap and it just cost us for RM1.00 thru and flo to any places

Bus Bandar (Coffin Bus??)

Then, we went around town and went to the market (Pasar) here. Many types of special food were selling here which we cannot see it in other places. Of course, one of them was turtle eggs. This is the first time that i actually saw a turtles eggs selling in the market like normal food. It is as big as a table tennis ball but it is very soft even after cook. I saw people eating turtle egg, they just poked a hole on the turtle egg and sucked the liquid out. Yak!!! For me that is disgusting. Of course i didn't buy the egg because i felt that action is cruel and turtles are facing extinction and why we still have to eat them???

Turtle Eggs - 10 for RM22

After that, we went to the state musuem in Terrenganu. That musuem is extremely big and very beautiful. Front view for the State Musuem

Side View

Then, the famous Batu Bersurat which we read it in History. It is smaller than I imagine. I thought it should be as big as a big wall? In fact, the size just about a small TV.

Batu Bersurat

Lastly, we saw a very beautiful crystal mosque when we were on the bus. Somebody told me that the government actually spent a lot of money to build this up.

Crystal Mosque

Lastly, the Mcd here, with Jawi words.

McD in Terrenganu

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Course in MARDI

I am in KL now, staying in UPM hostel for the TESDEC course. The first day when we came here, we noticed that there was NO FOOD in UPM. What??NO FOOD? Yes.. all the cafes in UPM are CLOSE during sem break, which is totally different with USM (In USM there are hardly to have 'no food' situation happens, right? The worst there are still some malay stalls open). Then, UPM is the biggest local university and it is very hard for us to actually walk out from UPM. There are bus services in UPM,but due to the sem break, it is barely for us to see a UPM bus here. Fortunately, there were friends took us out to have our meal outside, or else the next day you all can read newspaper with the title 'USM students were starved in UPM'.
My room in UPM

During the first day of our course, we went to visited Gardenia. (for coursemates: Ya, Gardenia again, second time). As usual, we were given a bag of bread. Then, our practical was started in MARDI during the second day. There are different types of practicals for us everyday.
For the first few days, we almost went out everyday. Then, one of our friends brought us to a restaurant with the name of 'Fusion Heaven' in Sri Petaling. The food there very nice not only in the sense of taste but also the appearance. Every food was decorated by their own unique way. Wao..delicious.

Fish Fillet (forget the actual name), look nice right?

Dessert - ice cream with muffin topping

Oh ya, The internet connection here damn slow and it kept on disconnect by itself. Furthermore, the msn was blocked in UPM. *sweat* So, i can't log in msn during this period and i'll try to keep on update my blog here.

msn road in UPM with hardly msn connection