Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Places visited during KL

I went to many places during my course in MARDI, Serdang. Sometimes, all of us felt that we were having a trip in KL for 3 weeks. We went out everyday and we just stayed in hostel for 2 days without going out for the entire 3 weeks time. Geng? It was inconvenient to go out because we needed to take a bus whenever we went. The nearest places were South City plaza and also The Mines which we can reached by bus directly. But if we want to go to KL central like Bukit Bintang, we had to take bus from UPM, then changed to KTM to KL Central, and lastly Monorial to Bukit Bintang. Yet, we were so energetic to go out that far during weekend. Haha~ It was enjoyable and memorable.

Ok, let me tell you about some of the places we went.

1) Firstly, none than others, Eye On malaysia

I wished to visit Eye on Malaysia long long time ago, and now finally i can actually stand in front it and took a photo with it. We even took a ride on that giant Ferris Wheel. It was not cheap, RM15 per person, yet, we insisted want to go up. Haha~ It is very beautiful because we can saw the shadow of the Ferris wheel on the lake, and maybe this is why it called Eye on Malaysia.

This is the photo we took in the cabin. Hehe~

2) Famous Satay Kajang Hj Samuri.

Kajang is famous for their satay and we had the chance to come here and tried the satay. Actually this was the idea of our lecturer, Dr Fazilah. Of course, she treated us the satay~ Hehe.

The size of the satay in Kajang was double compared to the satay at the other places. The satay source served was completely different with what we used to have. But, for me, it was not really very nice.

3) Ice Skating, Sunway Pyramid
This was the first time I played ice skating, very excited and worry at the same time. Haha. It was a very very good experience, I fall in love with this activity after whole day skating.

But, the happiness need to be paid... Why I said that?

*Sob*, my legs were full with bruises due to fall down. Too happy to skate and too kan cheong to skate fast and this was the consequences. sob sob...

4) Factory visit, Beryls' Factory

Beryl's factory visit was what we waiting for. All of us love chocolate~ and this factory was located in Serdang too, not far from UPM.

But the factory visit did not reached our expectation. We were given the chance to see the production but the person in charge was too rush and kept on walking very fast throughout the production place. I think the time we spent in the production was not more than 10 minutes. So, what was the main purpose to go there? That was - bought chocolate. Oh, we had dropped to the trap set by the company!!! We went there and bought tons of chocolate and this was actually the tricks ( or should i say strategy) of the company. *sigh* What to do, we love chocolate.

5) Keropok Factory

We were brought to the keropok factory which was located 1 hour travel time away from Beryl's. I don't understand why they choose this factory.

A VERY BIG factory.... -_-''

But, we were allowed to take photo inside. The company quite impressed us by their high hygenic food handling method.

5) The Gardens

Finally i had the chance to shop at this shopping complex. Ern, i should said, window shopping. Haha! All the stuffs and brand were extremely expensive over there and they are not affordable for people like me. But, it was a good expenrice to go there. The Gardens is well designed and it gave us a very comfortable, very classy feeling.

The stairs were similiar with the stairs in Harry Potter. Haha
Of course, except all the places that i posted up, we went to a lot of places too, like Sungai Wang, Times Square, Mid valley, 1-Utama, Sunway Pyramid. Haha~ went a lot of places right? Hehe...


Anonymous said...

We made an appointment to visit Beryl's factory in Seri Kembangan last week. Our names and contact number were jotted down by one lady name Cik Nani. We were told that there would be 3 buses today, and we could join them for the factory visit.

This morning, when we reached there, we were told that the factory was not open. Only the store was open.

When we asked them how come we were not made known earlier that the factory would be closed today, specifically we only enquired and were interested in factory visit. No proper explanation was given except that the store was open and we can proceed to buy some chocolate instead.

We especially made our journey very early in the morning for the factory visit. We were very disappointed with Beryl - not even an apology, but instead being pushed to buy chocolate?

Apparently, they are only interested in selling, and selling, rather than providing a genuine factory visit.

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