Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas present

Ya, Christmas was just passed and New Year is coming. I did not really celebrated for Christmas but present exchange with friends was done since it became a 'must' do event for youngster.

I guess the most exciting part for present exchange is the moment you opened the present you got because you will never know what is inside the box!!

This was one of the scenario that I took during one of my present exchange 'ceremony'. There were many types of boxes with different design of wrapping. Some presents outlook may attracts you but you may get dissapointed when you opened it. On the other hand, a plain simple wrapping of present may give you a big surprise when you opened! Well, it was just like a gamble game where you may win by exchange a lousy present and win back a wonderful present. Of course, I do not mean to encourage anyone to buy some stupid stuffs as present.

Ok, time to annouce my present received during Christmas.

1) A cute blue Mickey mouse ear phone from ex-housemate

It can be fit to my handphone and I have an extra ear phone to put in my second bag.

2) Rice bowl, spoon and chopstick from colleague

I was shocked when I opened this present. A bowl? A large 'ramen' type bowl? Perhaps this friend like ramen so much it drove him to buy it for enticing others to be enamoured of ramen as well. Or actually this is a type of feng sui to make sure my job can be secured? (饭碗) (Rice bowl can be interpret as job in chinese) Nice set since I do not have a bowl at my current home.

3) Decorative ship from Toastmaster member

Hmm. good sign for a new year. 一帆风顺 as most of the chinese like. Hope this ship can bring luck to my target and sails them smoothly.

Merry Christmas to all of you and hope you win in the present exchange session.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Celebration - Pulau Aman

It was Christmas again~~ every year many people scratching their head to think the program for christmas. Last time, when I were young (although now still not very old), we used to celebrate Christmas by buying the spray and sprayed all people around us no matter we knew them or not.

Now, this Christmas, I went to a special place - Pulau Aman. A place near to Batu Kawan, Penang. Why I knew about this place? Just because of one email forwarded by one of my friends. In the email it stated that great Mee Udang (noodle with prawn) was served in Pulau Aman.

Therefore, we drove from butterworth to Batu Kawan in the afternoon to search for this little island. There are sign boards of 'Pulau Aman' Jetty along the road so we able to reached there smoothly.

Here we reached the jetty.

It cost us RM6.00 for this type of boat to Pulau Aman, which was just around 5-10 minutes with a slow boat speed.
This is Pulau Aman.Before we proceed with our main objective, we surfed around the island to look for other activities. We found that there were lot of la la in this island and many people were hardworking harvesting la la.
Perhaps they were just too bored since not much activies can be done over here although an attractive board was put up with a lot of activities.

Well, the island was almost explored by us within 15 minutes time including photo taking session

Therefore, we proceed with Mee Udang. We were a bit shocked when the waiter told us all food was finished except for mee goreng and mee udang. We start understand the reason for those people hardworking to collect la la. They just wanted to have more variety of food.

This was how it looked like.

The photo was a bit exaggerated (the reason we came here due to great photograph technique). The food looked nice, but in actual, the prawn was so-so fresh and the mee was tasted so-so only. Again, this plate of mee udang cost us RM6.00. So in order to eat Mee Udang in Pulau Aman, It total cost us RM13 (including drinks).

For those who want to recommend a food through sending email, please think twice and taste properly before send out so that we can help our purse

So, are you going Pulau Aman?

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Hatyai Trip - Food version

Hatyai, a place meant shopping and eating for me. Shopping is most of the girls' favourite and a place with a lot of cheap stuffs will surely drive girls crazy. This statement no longer true to girls only because I found that the statement is suit for the guys in this generation too after my trip in Hatyai last week, let me switch it to food and I'l talk about the rest in the next post.

1) The first lunch that we had is definately worth to eat - Sky Buffet at Lee Garden 33th floor. It cost us only around RM15 but we had all of this below.
Aiks, the photo seems reflected our greediness, but good food is always hard for us to resist.

2) Then, along the road side in the city around, you might found this

Extremely big prawn. Too bad we were too full to try this.

3) The smell was great for this, but it costs around RM10 per piece.

4) Our lunch that we had the next day was the famous 猪脚饭(pork leg rice?) If you never try this before, you must try it.

The pork leg was not those oily type with inches of fats but the fats amount was just nice and the gravy was match to eat together with rice. Perfect match~ Look for this shop which opposite the market.

5) Lastly, a snack that I want to introduce is this biscuit like snack. I found it in Lee Garden.

Look nice right? hehe..

Of course, despite from the good food, advice should be given to the not-so-good food. So, w\ho are they?

1) The champion will be... the dim sum

The size definately will be the champion where this was the smallest 'lo mai gai' that I had ever seen. Oh ya, the spoon beside was a tea spoon, not table spoon. Besides so the size, the taste was definitely... weird. Very dry and it mixed with herb and make it even more weird.

Let me show you the 'cha siew pao'.

Again, it was tea spoon beside the cha siew pao. This round, it was very special whereby you can't taste the taste of meat in it. Perhaps you can just able to bite some... fats. 3) The hor fun.
Except for the portion of the food, It was not taste too bad. However, the bad thing was We can't really taste the actual taste of the food. It was just too bland.

Last but not least, since this post talked about food, let me ended the post with some special food.

Try this if you dare. Food with high protein. Good for health.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Perhaps this is what appears in our mind when we talk about porridge.

A very plain, bland taste which is suit for a patient and a very conventional type of porridge. Some people don't like porridge because it makes them think about sickness.

This one perhaps a slightly better compared to previous one. Eh, why today keep on talking about porridge? This is because...

Tada... New special type of porridge to introduce!!!

Tom Yam Porridge!!! Sorry the photo was a bit dark. Photo was taken by using handphone. So, please bear with the quality of the photo.

Ya, Tom Yam porridge, totally different experience with normal bland taste porridge. The Tom Yam flavour was just as strong as what we took for Tom Yam noodle. But the texture was slightly thicker than Tom Yam soup, which was not so watery. Overall, the porridge was nice and special. For Tom Yam lover, you should try this.

I forget to snap a photo on the shop but this shop was located in Jalan Raja Uda, Penang. It was just beside the primary school. If you plan to give it a try, you must be reached at 7pm when the stall was just opened or else you have to spare a lot of time just for waiting.

So? Let's try it.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Photoshooting part II

Again, I wanna post my photoshooting photos. This was obtained from the other photographer who is very pro in photoshop.

I know I look fat in this photo but I don't have much personal photo so I still post it up. Perhaps I can use it as a motivation tool to force myself to slim down.. Is it effective enough?
Try to act sexy but who knows the feeling is totally different in the photo. What feeling? Happy shine gua..

Finally, I look slimmer in this photo. Hehe..

Yeah, group photo again. I love this. I think this is all the photos for the photoshoot. Not sure whether we can get a second shooting or not. What do you think about the photos?

Monday, December 7, 2009


The delicious food is the main reason for us to keep on revisit a same restaurant/ cafe. Quality consistency of course need to be served so that our desire for the food will be always fulfilled.

However, sometimes, there are some small little things that will warm our heart and attract our attention.
Cute? Have a nice day~the banana flavour cake.
yeah~ the cheese cake! we even finished 'eating' the chocolate wording :P sorry artist for the wording. But we just did not want to waste anything serve on plate... the taste was great~ This madethe cake look even better and attractive.
Of course, it served from Segafredo.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

First Photoshooting

As mentioned in the earlier post, I went for my first photoshooting at Batu Ferringi with a group of my colleagues. This idea was suggested by one of my colleague so that a good memory of us can be freezed into a frame.

We sacrifised our sleep time just for the photoshooting!! I woke up in 5.30am and do all the make up. It took us 2 hours plus to complete everything. When we reached there, it was already 8.00am in the morning. It was not really a far distance to reach there, but we were not pro enough to make a quick make up.

The sky was very blue and nice on that day. That make our photos looked nice. Below is some of the shoots for me on that day.

Basically I do not have much personal photoshooting due to I am not good in posing. I didn't learn hard from magazine or web site for posing. My mind was just blank when it was time for personal photos.

Let me show you some photos which took with my colleagues.

So what do you think about the photos?
Yeah~ Our first and ever photoshooting~ Honestly, all of us were every excited since this was our first photoshooting (Except one of us). The heat was continue after few days until the photo released from the photographer. We are still waiting for the last batch of photos came out. hehe..