Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas present

Ya, Christmas was just passed and New Year is coming. I did not really celebrated for Christmas but present exchange with friends was done since it became a 'must' do event for youngster.

I guess the most exciting part for present exchange is the moment you opened the present you got because you will never know what is inside the box!!

This was one of the scenario that I took during one of my present exchange 'ceremony'. There were many types of boxes with different design of wrapping. Some presents outlook may attracts you but you may get dissapointed when you opened it. On the other hand, a plain simple wrapping of present may give you a big surprise when you opened! Well, it was just like a gamble game where you may win by exchange a lousy present and win back a wonderful present. Of course, I do not mean to encourage anyone to buy some stupid stuffs as present.

Ok, time to annouce my present received during Christmas.

1) A cute blue Mickey mouse ear phone from ex-housemate

It can be fit to my handphone and I have an extra ear phone to put in my second bag.

2) Rice bowl, spoon and chopstick from colleague

I was shocked when I opened this present. A bowl? A large 'ramen' type bowl? Perhaps this friend like ramen so much it drove him to buy it for enticing others to be enamoured of ramen as well. Or actually this is a type of feng sui to make sure my job can be secured? (饭碗) (Rice bowl can be interpret as job in chinese) Nice set since I do not have a bowl at my current home.

3) Decorative ship from Toastmaster member

Hmm. good sign for a new year. 一帆风顺 as most of the chinese like. Hope this ship can bring luck to my target and sails them smoothly.

Merry Christmas to all of you and hope you win in the present exchange session.

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