Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Celebration - Pulau Aman

It was Christmas again~~ every year many people scratching their head to think the program for christmas. Last time, when I were young (although now still not very old), we used to celebrate Christmas by buying the spray and sprayed all people around us no matter we knew them or not.

Now, this Christmas, I went to a special place - Pulau Aman. A place near to Batu Kawan, Penang. Why I knew about this place? Just because of one email forwarded by one of my friends. In the email it stated that great Mee Udang (noodle with prawn) was served in Pulau Aman.

Therefore, we drove from butterworth to Batu Kawan in the afternoon to search for this little island. There are sign boards of 'Pulau Aman' Jetty along the road so we able to reached there smoothly.

Here we reached the jetty.

It cost us RM6.00 for this type of boat to Pulau Aman, which was just around 5-10 minutes with a slow boat speed.
This is Pulau Aman.Before we proceed with our main objective, we surfed around the island to look for other activities. We found that there were lot of la la in this island and many people were hardworking harvesting la la.
Perhaps they were just too bored since not much activies can be done over here although an attractive board was put up with a lot of activities.

Well, the island was almost explored by us within 15 minutes time including photo taking session

Therefore, we proceed with Mee Udang. We were a bit shocked when the waiter told us all food was finished except for mee goreng and mee udang. We start understand the reason for those people hardworking to collect la la. They just wanted to have more variety of food.

This was how it looked like.

The photo was a bit exaggerated (the reason we came here due to great photograph technique). The food looked nice, but in actual, the prawn was so-so fresh and the mee was tasted so-so only. Again, this plate of mee udang cost us RM6.00. So in order to eat Mee Udang in Pulau Aman, It total cost us RM13 (including drinks).

For those who want to recommend a food through sending email, please think twice and taste properly before send out so that we can help our purse

So, are you going Pulau Aman?


bluebell said...

yaya... i want to pick la la n bring back n cook myself hahaahahahhaaaa

Hui Yi said...

bluebell: then u go pick la.. hahaha