Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sky Diving

Everyone come to New Zealand has their own 'must do' list. For me, one of the 'must do' is sky dive! Yes, sky diving~ Early morning, we were picked up by this company and did our virgin skydive at Taupo.

We were so worry that the weather might change to bad as the forecast showed that it should be raining on that day. Since the first day I come to New Zealand, I read forecast very frequent and I would say the accuracy of the forecast is up to 99% . However, we were so lucky that the day was just fall within the 1% of the inaccuracy. How lucky were us!

Here are the reception counter.
Can you see the aircraft behind us. Yes, it brought us up to the sky!

My name was up there!! I was ready for sky dive, 15000 feet height!!!

Ready for my precious photos?

The attire that we had to wear for the sky dive!

I jump!!!

Sky dive is really super fun. I felt nervous at the moment we jumped out from the plane but after few second, my feeling changed!

I enjoyed the moment, I was flying in the sky!! Fly!!
Something unexpected was i felt pain in my ear after few second due to the pressure difference. However, it did not last long and I still can enjoy the beautiful Taupo view high in the sky. I even saw Mt Ruapehu.

fly away...

Yes, I came, I felt, I conquered.

We did it  I never think that I'll fall in love with sky dive. Yes, I love it.

To view my video, click here.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Dairy Farm

If you never step into dairy farm before, you are not consider step in New Zealand. That's what I think. When we traveled around New Zealand, the things that we saw most frequent were grass, sheep, cow. In another word -  farm.
Yeah, farm. Today let me zoom in and show you the actual face of the dairy farm. After the visit, I found that I was being cheat for a long time.

Here are the milking machine. Yes, now we are staying in era of technology, no more milking manually. NO manual. I was being cheated before I came to New Zealand. Now I know. I won't be cheated anymore!!

The cow queued up for the milking process. 
The milking machine, it vacuumed the milk out. According to the owner, they can obtained 20liter of milk from a cow per day. Amazing! How the cow stores such a big amount of milk in their stomach???

I had to squeeze myself in the photo to proof that I had been here.

You see, I helped the owner to milk the cow. But, only one. Haha~Why? There was a walkway in between for us to milk the cow. If you are observant enough, you will notice all the cows queued up left and right and we were standing in the middle. Now, the biggest problem occurred, all the cows faced us with their butts!!! Those cows poo non stop and you will never know which cow is going to poo at that time. If you were lucky enough, you will get a free warm and fresh face mask with a special aroma.To avoid such unique experience, I did a quick milking and escaped ourselves from the trap!

The second discovery. Can you spot the difference of this cow???? Cannot?? See carefully... Yes, this cow has horn on it. HORN? Why there is horn on milk cow???? Since I were small, all the picture in story book showed milk cow has no horn! Now I know, they actually have horn but just cut by human.Yes, they cut it to prevent the cow hurt by others.

This pity cow get sick. That's why he can wear a clothes.

Since we were here, we must try the fresh milk. Yes, fresh milk from their stomach without process! Sound disgusting because lots of people said that fresh milk doesn't taste good. Anyhow, I should try it so when I back to Malaysia, I can tell everyone what was the taste of fresh milk. Wao, such a big job.

Out of my surprise, fresh milk tastes good!! The taste was just like the milk that we bought from supermarket but the fresh one taste much delicious! Yes, yummy and delight. You see, I was being cheated again!

After the milk tasting, we saw the way they milk the cattle.

This was the cattle's lunch box.

Zoom in.

They pour the milk in and let the cattle drink. Some cattles were too young and they don't even know how to feed themselves. The farmer had to teach them.

Working in farm is really hard. Now, I know how the milk I drink everyday comes from. It's not an easy job to get the milk. I'll appreciate every single drop of the milk from today onwards. Yes, I try. :P

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Buzz Buzz Buzz...

After the alpaca farm, this round we went to the bee farm. This bee farm was owned by my house owner. When we first arrived, we just saw few boxes on the ground. That's all! He told us that bees were inactive during the winter time and the best time for them should be in summer time. Har? We came all the way just to see the few boxes??? I nearly forgotten that when we went to the bee farm in Cameron Highland, we also saw the boxes only.

Before we could get ourselves close to the little bee, we were given this outfit to protect ourselves. 

Look funny right? That clothes was super big for me. But, life is more important, I don't want being stung by bee as a memory for bee hive trip.
We looked like the astronauts.

Yeah, we were ready to go outerspace!! Captain, please lead us!
We were ready! Please open them. I want to see the secret inside.

Tata, the houses for the bees!!!


Buzz Buzz Buzz...

After the frame was taken out from the box. I felt itchy when there were too much bees surrounding me.

Close shot. The honey comb, perfect hexagon. Those bees must have a micro ruler to measure it.

The larvae of the bee.

The queen of the bee. Out of my surprise, her body size just slightly bigger then others. Can you see it? Just spot for the bee with white dot on her head. How come there was a big dot? Perhaps that was her crown.

Bee with pollen on his leg. Can you see it?

My house owner kept on reminding us not to drop the frame. Okok, I know, I don't think I need the experience of being chased by a swamp of bees.

We were full with bees during the photo taking session. Hard movement.

Yup, that's all for the post. Time to sleep.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Dutch Food

Food page again~ I never think that I have the chance to taste on Dutch food in New Zealand. During the alpaca visit, Dita and William made us a tasty lunch. Don't be jealous. :P . When we reached his house, we were greeted by the cute golden retriever. Kuci kuci~

Okok, back to the food version.

The first character - Frikandel.
Dutch style sausage with totally different from the typical sausage. It topped with raw onion, BBQ curry sauce and mayonnaise. Perfect match. I never take raw onion but this really change my mind. I just can't stop eating it!


Not really know how to explain this food but it is simply tempting. Crispy outside and soft inside.

The weird part is we put sambal on top of it. But the matching is amazing. Thumbs up!!!

Yeah, sambal. It's not a fake match but this is the dutch taste. Yeah, sambal exists in Holland and it is widely used!! Surprise?? I was shocked too. Want to know why? Search the history in google. :P No history class here.

Fried cheese. Whole big piece of cheese. It is nice when you taste small piece of it. Cheese lover should like this.

I didn't type wrongly. It really called nasibal. Same with malay word right? It is just the fried rice rolled into a ball and fried. The taste? Just like fried rice.

erm... almond cake? This definitely not my cup of tea. I rarely leave the food on plate after biting it especially the food served by others. However, I did it this round. I really can't stand the smell of the almond. Sorry Kano.

After the lunch, we were served another round of food. I guess it should be tea time?

Salami. The new food I learned in New Zealand. Look like the chinese sausage but taste different.

The whole set of the snack~

This is how we eat it. The mouthwatering matching. Yummy~~ 

OMG, too much yummy food surrounding us. Help~~~~