Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Dutch Food

Food page again~ I never think that I have the chance to taste on Dutch food in New Zealand. During the alpaca visit, Dita and William made us a tasty lunch. Don't be jealous. :P . When we reached his house, we were greeted by the cute golden retriever. Kuci kuci~

Okok, back to the food version.

The first character - Frikandel.
Dutch style sausage with totally different from the typical sausage. It topped with raw onion, BBQ curry sauce and mayonnaise. Perfect match. I never take raw onion but this really change my mind. I just can't stop eating it!


Not really know how to explain this food but it is simply tempting. Crispy outside and soft inside.

The weird part is we put sambal on top of it. But the matching is amazing. Thumbs up!!!

Yeah, sambal. It's not a fake match but this is the dutch taste. Yeah, sambal exists in Holland and it is widely used!! Surprise?? I was shocked too. Want to know why? Search the history in google. :P No history class here.

Fried cheese. Whole big piece of cheese. It is nice when you taste small piece of it. Cheese lover should like this.

I didn't type wrongly. It really called nasibal. Same with malay word right? It is just the fried rice rolled into a ball and fried. The taste? Just like fried rice.

erm... almond cake? This definitely not my cup of tea. I rarely leave the food on plate after biting it especially the food served by others. However, I did it this round. I really can't stand the smell of the almond. Sorry Kano.

After the lunch, we were served another round of food. I guess it should be tea time?

Salami. The new food I learned in New Zealand. Look like the chinese sausage but taste different.

The whole set of the snack~

This is how we eat it. The mouthwatering matching. Yummy~~ 

OMG, too much yummy food surrounding us. Help~~~~


Eu Jeng said...

Wa, so evil sia post so much food! Btw, your fingers and toes better?

Hui Yi said...

Eu Jeng: I can't do anything cause those food are too good. Haha~ yaya.. getting better. :)thanks for your concern.

Chiew ping said...

Darling, now you have food blog d ya! Good to know that you have a great moment there! Make sure you enjoy to the max! :)

Hui Yi said...

Chiew Ping: Yes, sure~ I also dunno why My blog become a food blog. Darling take care also. :)

Anonymous said...

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