Friday, April 6, 2012

Day 8 Oamaru Part III

I missed out this important place in the previous blog posts regarding the South Island Trip. And, actually I noticed long time ago, laziness just drove me away from writing it. In order to complete my NZ diaries for my own SS (syok sendiri) in the future when I read it back, so I have no choice but to write it. Of course, I also hope to provide more information to those who are interested to have a trip to NZ.

Early in the morning, before we proceed to the next destination, we went to this must go place -Moeraki Boulder ( 30 minutes away from Oamaru). If you wish the see the most stunning view of the place, you have to confirm the best time with i site because you might have a hard time to look for a single 'ball' when it is high tide. Yes, doing homework is always important if you doesn't want to miss something great.

 This was the 'ball' that we looked for. Who moved this big fake cemented ball here?? No!! It was natural!! It was here even before you were born! Pay respect please!

Some broken pieces scattered around the beach. Hmmm, look like gem inside! Never try to pick it back!! Everyone should give the chance to look on it!

 You thought just one single ball on the beach? Wrong, there are heaps of them!!

 Found another special ball~

Last photo before we left. Those of you have high end camera please bring it and snap some good photos at this place. 

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Sun Yeong Wai Roasted Duck 新扬威烤鸭 @ Ipoh Jaya

Since small,  my parents always brought me to this restaurant - Sun Yeong Wai, when they were craving for roasted duck. Until now, we still always go to this shop when we need roasted duck as our meal!

The moment when you step in the restaurant, you will be surrounded by the Hong Kong style environment xiu lap pou (烧腊铺,barbecued pork?)

Quarter Roasedt Duck - RM12.00
Of course, since the big sign board mentioned Roasedt duck and this must be the dish that shouldn't miss out! The crispy and juicy roasted duck which served together with yummy dark sauce. (Yes, the lousy blogger forget to snap a picture on the important sauce) Remember choose the lower part (drumstick part) of the roast duck as that part is always the best.

Asam Fish - RM5.00 per piece

Except for the typical dishes like roast duck, roast chicken, barbecued pork, there are a few ala carte dishes like the economic rice for you to choose. Something that gonna surprise you is the asam fish in this restaurant  is tempting!! From the picture, you can see that the fish is the normal kampung fish but the best part to make it seductive is the rich, sourly asam gravy. Half bowl of your rice will be finished by just this average look Asam Fish.

Pamelo Juice - RM6.00
Lastly, a juice that I want to recommend is this pamelo juice. Everyone knows pamelo is the fruits that famous in Ipoh. Most of the outstation people willing to come Ipoh to grab some pamelo especially during the Chinese New Year. But, this is the first shop that I know selling Pamelo juice!! The juice is so fresh and the taste is exactly same with the taste when you are eating the pamelo. Of course, the quality might be varied due to the different qualities of every pamelo. Except for the slight expensive cost for the cup, else this is gonna a choice~

Name              : Sun Yeong Wai 新扬威烤鸭饭店
Address           : 17 & 19, Jalan Sri Ampang, Taman Ipoh Jaya, Perak. Google map
Location          : Same row with Yu Hup 余合香饼 & Old Town Kopitiam Ipoh Jaya.
Website           :

Monday, April 2, 2012

Working Holiday Visa Extension

Feel that half year is not enough for you to stay in New Zealand? Wanna enjoy longer in this lovely land of long white cloud (Aotearoa)? Very easy, apply for extension! Stay for another 3 months with legal visa!

How how how?? Teach me now!!

You must work at least 3 months (12 weeks) in horticulture/ viticulture industries with proof (pay slip). How to calculate 12 weeks? Even though u work only 1 day in a week for this industry, it is considered as 1 week. In short, you need to have 12 pay slips.

Documents Needed
2) 12 pay Slips
3) Application fees (NZD 140 for Malaysian)
    - by credit card / bank draft only
4) ORIGINAL passport
    - Yes, u need to post your original passport!!! So make sure u photocopy your passport before post.
5) 2 recent passport size photos attached to the form
6) Evidence of an outward ticket from New Zealand/ sufficient fund to buy one.
   - I didn't buy an outward ticket at that moment, so I requested bank officer to verify (means chop and sign) on my printed account summary of NZ. ( Request the bank personnel to print or print it at ATM!)

Send all of this to the nearest Immigration New Zealand Branch

And wait for good news~
This is what you gonna get in your passport~

Tips for Visa Extension
1) You need to apply this 30 days before your visa expired!
2) You may request for a letter of service from the factory you work for as a proof of working. Of course, this is not a must. ( Of course I did it since I suggested this, Yes, I am timid type and I want to make sure everything goes well)
2) Never save money on post, please go for a registered post/ courier to make sure the safety of your passport! You can always ignore this if you think your passport is not valuable.
3) You can cut the cost by posting the application form together with your friends in ONE envelope because the posting cost is depends on the size of envelope. Of course, please arrange well so that the officer never confuse on the documents.
4) Make sure the email you used is in active because they will keep on updating the status to you through email (of course it will update in your account in Immigration New Zealand website as well)

Lastly, enjoy another 3 months!!!! Hurray~