Monday, May 31, 2010


Finally the day that I had been waiting comes, hopefully everything goes smooth tomorrow. Good luck for me and good luck for my team.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

The magic of contact lenses

Since Form 6, I started wearing contact lense and my glasses were being neglected. Of course, I'll still wear my glasses when I am at home or when I am too lazy to wear my contact lense. I think contact lenses became a necessity for those who are short sighted (like me). Yala, I know some people may wear a very smart glasses for different look, yet for girls I think contact lenses will still be the best choice to wear. Girls without glasses are always look better (at least I think so). Don't agree? Tell me why most of the girls take off their glasses when their attend dinner. :P 

The contact lenses that I have is just those plain normal contact lenses. I always wondering how I look like if I wear colour lens or lens with special effect? Now I have the chance to try it.
These are the lenses.
Yes, you see it right~ This is contact lens with special effect~ The black ring around the contact lens will actually make your iris look bigger and eventually, your eyes look bigger as well~ You wish to have dolly eyes? Try this.

OK, stop cursing me for using this type of contact lenses. Yala, I know I might not need this, but what's wrong by giving it a try?

Time for trying.


See the difference? Cannot?? Let me zoom in.
Left eyes showed with the contact lens and right eye is without the lense. This is the advance technology nowadays.

This contact lense is daily disposable type and this is my first time wearing this as I normally buy the monthly disposable type. Out of my surprise, this contact lenses is very comfortable to wear. I always thought daily disposable type contact lense quality cannot be compatible to monthly type. Now the proof showed that I was wrong. It is as nice as monthly disposable type.

OK, cut the story short. Let's go to the main point. Why I try this contact lenses? It is because....

It is Free~ yes~ Free, you can get it as well. Very easy, go in here and redeem your contact lens. Just fill up a simple questionnaire and the free contact lenses will delivered to your house. Besides, a 30% voucher will attached as well with the contact lenses.

What are you waiting for?

Sunday, May 16, 2010

New hair style

Getting bored with my hair style.. this feeling usually appears every 2-3 years time. I'm not those fashionable girl who always change my hair style every year/ half a year to make myself look fresh. Furthermore, I am a bit lazy to take care (if i perm my hair)/ think a new hair style.

Most of the time, when I felt bored with  my long hair, I'll cut it short. I had permed my hair once, dye my hair once just because of I never them at that time.

So, this round, I tried out something new (it might be an old fashion for you).  Here, I would like to proudly present my new hair style!~ Tada~

Haha.. laugh la.. I know it looks like fake one.. I think I never cut my fringe that short since standard two.. hmm.. getting old already, so have to pretend young and back to primary school..

Ok, comments for new hair style are welcome.

Thursday, May 13, 2010


One day, I went to adventure with a group of active adventurer. 

We kept on walking..walking and walking non stop just to search for the 'gold' that we want. We never care the dusty & dirtiness, we also didn't care how sweaty were us but we just heading to our target.

The hill was so high and the path was not easy to walk, yet we tried our best to climb up the top of the hill.
Finally, we able to make it.
Haha.. ok, I know it is damn lame. Well, it was not any adventurous activity. Instead, I was working that time, doing some inspection on this little thing before it took back to our company. So, what was this little thing?

Let's take a close shot.
Can see clearly? I guess no.. haha.. this is the closest photo that I got. Let me reveal the answer...... Ta ta~~~
They were wheat~~ Yes, you didn't 'hear wrongly, they were wheat.

Actually we don't really need to climb up the 'hill' but I think this was a good experience where I guess most of you out there have not been walking in wheat right??? You guys might think that 'What the hell this girl doing by walking in wheat but still so happy?'

Haha.. We just have life once, so why not try out everything? The feeling of sitting on wheat was very unique where you can felt the wheat was damn cold. hhehe.

If you ever have the chance, try it out.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Pulau Jerejak

Few years ago, this island was just an island whereby no people will pay attention to it. The island was allegedly used to quarantine the sick people previously and now it has been developed into an tourist attraction. After few years of staying in Penang, finally,I got the chance to go to this little island to explore. So,where is the little island that I mentioned? Penang people, I guess most of you are brilliant and able to guess which place I had gone.  Ta...ta....~ there was none other than Pulau Jerejak~~~

This little island has been equipped with some adventurous facilities and activities. More and more people getting to know about it and  this is definitely a nice place to go for one day trip. If you plan to go to this island, no preparation is needed, what you need was just MONEY and have fun there. Anyhow, the trip was not expesive, it just cost us total RM60.

We took a boat at jetty near Queen's Bay Mall to Pulau Jerejak and the time taken to reach was just around 10 minutes (I think).

When we reached there, it took some times for the guide to bring us for the first activity. Ya, there was guide available. We found this during waiting.

Therefore, instead of standing still to wait, we went back to our childhood time by pretending we were still young.

We killed the time by doing some warm up as well.

The first activity was the most exhausting activity -> jungle trekking! The jungle trekking took us more than 30 minutes (I forget to time) to complete the whole journey.
The way to jungle trekking. No photo during jungle tracking because energy was used up and I can't afford to lift up the camera anymore...

The moment you saw the suspension bridge, you may felt relieved because that indicated the end of the jungle trekking.

This cute little suspension bridge was just able to withstand 5 people weight. It was just 8m above the lake and it was suit for beginner to walk by.

After this, it was time for the highlight of the trip! The Flying Fox~~  I had waited this for a long long time as I had not experienced this before~ My heart was jumping up and down while waiting for my turn.

But, it was so fun when you were playing~ I felt that I was flying~~~ The lacking part was the distance was too short and when you started to conquer you fear, you had reached the other end of the game.  Furthermore, you were allowed to play 1 time only with the fees that you paid. Ahh... too bad!!! I want play it again!!!

Archery was the next schedule after flying fox. During our way to the archery field, we found this.

All of us syok sendiri  and played the game ourselves. My friend said those games were available in National service as well. How nice is the National service. Well, I am too old and my generation got no national service yet.

Next, the archery part.

1 person was given only 3 arrows to play.

I tried to act pro when my turn to shoot.

See, this was my result.Not bad le..

After that, the other tiring part came,the wall climbing. This was a very tough game and this was my first time to try on it.

Sadly, I can't complete the game and I just gave up half way. Sob sob. After so much tiring activities, how could I reach the top part??? Obviously it was the organiser's trick to fail us in the game. :P

Finally, the bicycle cycling did the closing for our activities package. It had been a long long time since the last time I rode.

Of course, a simple buffet lunch was served before the end of our journey.

There are others game available.
This is free~
The beach futsal.

Beach netball??

Swimming Pool (FOC)~

And table tennis, paintball, abseiling.

It will be best if there is  pub available at the beach side whereby beach party can be held, agree?