Thursday, February 26, 2009

West Port Trip

Last Sunday, I went to West Port for the first time. My colleagues and I went to West Port (another branch of my company) to do GMP internal audit for SONA 2 ( a plant in oilmill). After reaching, I felt very excited as I thought I was on a holiday trip. However, there was not the case as I was there on a business trip. Here is the place where we need to pass by everyday on our way to work. And, we were required to obtain a visitor pass by surrendering our IC as we are working there on a temporary basis.

The internal audit was slightly different from what I imagined. The first day, four of us were kept busy with the auditing of documents where we almost read through documents and record checking for inconsistancies. I should taken a photo of that table we used.The whole table was terribly messy where it was fulled with paper + files + records. PangSS (QA Exe for SONA 2) was busy entertaining us by explaining all our query and showing all the records to us. During the lunch hour, all of us took our lunch together and we took this photo.We did an on site audit on the second day. Finally, we able to do some work outside rather than a work inside a room. There was a lot of staircases that we had to climb. In addition, we were also required to record anything we observed which is not comply with GMP and also for any defects. And to make things worse, I was having big cramps at that time. My mood turned sour suddenly and was exhauted from all the walking. It felt as if I was going to faint anytime. Luckily lunch time was closing in and I was able to have some rest. After the lunch, we were supposed to continue auditing but I was unable to continue as I wasn't feeling well. Therefore, I went to take a rest in a room, to leave my team to do the auditing without me.

The last day was the most relaxing among the 3 days. We went for a relaxing walk in West Port Flourmill.

Seberang Flourmill in West Port is HACCP certified and we were require to comply with GMP (Good manufacturing practise) upon entering the plant.

See, all of us wearing hair nets, lab coats and safety shoes.

That was how my trip went in West Port.

But that is not the end of my story. A ridiculous incident happened.Our car key was cracked!!! As usual, I opened the door by twisting the key as it was after I pulled the key out than I realised the key cracked. I swear I did not use a lot of strength when I was turning the key and I had no idea what caused it to crack. Without thinking twice, we duplicated the car key to continue our journey. Luckily, nothing happen, we able to back home safely after 3 days in West Port.

Last incident happened during my West Port trip.

Oh, my watch. *sob*