Monday, April 19, 2010

Butterfly Farm

Penang Butterfly Farm~ Have you been there? Some of you might say, "Ya.. when I was 5 years old". The other might say "hmm, not really interested to go this place."

If you do not really hate animals/ insect/ butterfly, this definitely a good place to go.

Since it is a butterfly farm, of course there are a lot of butterfly in it.

Big Moth.

Somemore different species of live worms are displayed (butterfly's son, sorry I do not know what it should be called) with the clear sign board about their name and habitat.

Bigger worm~

Different insect.
Leave- like insect.

See clearly for this. I had searched it for a long time.
stick- like insect.

I like this one~ like a human face. The nature creatures are so unique.

Ok.. a normal scorpion

That's the butterfly farm. Simple and nice.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Doctor doctor...

Recently, one of my friend was admitted to hospital due to appendicitis. I paid him a visit on last Sunday and his situation was just worse than what I imagine. Appendicitis? It should be involved a simple operation and I guess my friend should be alright very soon after the operation.

Out of my surprise, he looked terribly weak in hospital. He even did not have much energy to talk, he slim down a lot, and he lost his appetite to eat. What I want to tell here not how weak was him but the incident happened to him.

Before he admitted to hospital, he suffered stomachache and he consult a doctor. This doctor concluded his case as 'food poisoning' and that was the end of the story by giving some medicine to him. Anyhow, the medicine did not work for his situation and he looked for second doctor. Unfortunately, the second doctor just scolded him for taking improper food due to he had a sensitive stomach. Again, that was the end of the story. This incident continued until the forth day, he was in anguish and he cannot even stand up. Then, he was admitted to hospital.

After the doctor checked, he found out he was actually having appendicitis. The delay finding was causing his appendix to burst and worsen the whole situation. That was how he ended up with serious case. He needed more time to clear off the 'things' that burst out from his stomach and he needed more time to recover.

I found that it was rather ridiculous because food poisoning and appendicitis should consists of different sign and even gastric also consists of another sign. This was not the first case happened to my friend but lot of cases happened whereby doctor give the wrong information to patient. I don't know what happen to the doctor now and they can just simply concluded the sickness with an irrelevant case. Perhaps some of them do not actually know the consequences of their wrong information. This will bring a serious result and it may even cause fatal to a patient.

Doctor, please provide a good and details check up for all the patient and please do not be a doctor just because of $$. Life is valuable.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Bali Trip Part III

Finally, the Part III and also the last episode of Bali Trip published. 

Day 3 of our trip, we went to the very famous temple- Tanah Lot temple. The view there of course was very nice where this place was located beside a sea.

This temple was amazing whereby one of the place for praying was located in the sea. Ya! In the sea. I insisted to go over there to have a look on what was inside the 'cave' even though I knew that I'll get wet by crossing over the sea. 

When you reached the other side, they will put a flower beside your ear and some sticky rice on your forehead as the sign of bless. 

I think photo always better describe than words.

There was a market nearby and a big bat available there to attract tourist. 
After I took the photo, I heard a tour guide passed by and told his member that photo taken for the bat was not allowed without paying. Hmm.. photo was taken, so I just post it up. :P

During our way to another destination, we passed by padi field. It was just too nice and we stopped our car just to have a close peek on the padi and snapped some photos with them.

I went for my first time water rafting. This rafting was a low risk rafting whereby it was suitable for a beginner and it was suitable for side seeing purpose. It took almost 2 hours plus to complete the whole trip and most of the time we were enjoying the view along the river.

After our dinner, we went to a beach nearby (if i'm not mistaken, it was Kuta beach) and enjoy the sunset view there.

Basically that was how our 3 days trip. Bali is a nice and budget place to go. I'll try to post up a blog about the food later.