Thursday, August 11, 2011

Buzz Buzz Buzz...

After the alpaca farm, this round we went to the bee farm. This bee farm was owned by my house owner. When we first arrived, we just saw few boxes on the ground. That's all! He told us that bees were inactive during the winter time and the best time for them should be in summer time. Har? We came all the way just to see the few boxes??? I nearly forgotten that when we went to the bee farm in Cameron Highland, we also saw the boxes only.

Before we could get ourselves close to the little bee, we were given this outfit to protect ourselves. 

Look funny right? That clothes was super big for me. But, life is more important, I don't want being stung by bee as a memory for bee hive trip.
We looked like the astronauts.

Yeah, we were ready to go outerspace!! Captain, please lead us!
We were ready! Please open them. I want to see the secret inside.

Tata, the houses for the bees!!!


Buzz Buzz Buzz...

After the frame was taken out from the box. I felt itchy when there were too much bees surrounding me.

Close shot. The honey comb, perfect hexagon. Those bees must have a micro ruler to measure it.

The larvae of the bee.

The queen of the bee. Out of my surprise, her body size just slightly bigger then others. Can you see it? Just spot for the bee with white dot on her head. How come there was a big dot? Perhaps that was her crown.

Bee with pollen on his leg. Can you see it?

My house owner kept on reminding us not to drop the frame. Okok, I know, I don't think I need the experience of being chased by a swamp of bees.

We were full with bees during the photo taking session. Hard movement.

Yup, that's all for the post. Time to sleep.


How Jun said...

I oso wanna visit. Been my dream to handle bee. They are very tame and interesting creature. Cuddly if you don't mean to harm them.

Hui Yi said...

Felt very itchy when a lot of buzz sound surrounding me.

bluebell said...

much much better than cockroaches!!!