Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Perhaps this is what appears in our mind when we talk about porridge.

A very plain, bland taste which is suit for a patient and a very conventional type of porridge. Some people don't like porridge because it makes them think about sickness.

This one perhaps a slightly better compared to previous one. Eh, why today keep on talking about porridge? This is because...

Tada... New special type of porridge to introduce!!!

Tom Yam Porridge!!! Sorry the photo was a bit dark. Photo was taken by using handphone. So, please bear with the quality of the photo.

Ya, Tom Yam porridge, totally different experience with normal bland taste porridge. The Tom Yam flavour was just as strong as what we took for Tom Yam noodle. But the texture was slightly thicker than Tom Yam soup, which was not so watery. Overall, the porridge was nice and special. For Tom Yam lover, you should try this.

I forget to snap a photo on the shop but this shop was located in Jalan Raja Uda, Penang. It was just beside the primary school. If you plan to give it a try, you must be reached at 7pm when the stall was just opened or else you have to spare a lot of time just for waiting.

So? Let's try it.


Wong How Jun said...

U forgot to mention about the buffet style add-ons picking

Hui Yi said...

haha.. okok