Thursday, December 3, 2009

First Photoshooting

As mentioned in the earlier post, I went for my first photoshooting at Batu Ferringi with a group of my colleagues. This idea was suggested by one of my colleague so that a good memory of us can be freezed into a frame.

We sacrifised our sleep time just for the photoshooting!! I woke up in 5.30am and do all the make up. It took us 2 hours plus to complete everything. When we reached there, it was already 8.00am in the morning. It was not really a far distance to reach there, but we were not pro enough to make a quick make up.

The sky was very blue and nice on that day. That make our photos looked nice. Below is some of the shoots for me on that day.

Basically I do not have much personal photoshooting due to I am not good in posing. I didn't learn hard from magazine or web site for posing. My mind was just blank when it was time for personal photos.

Let me show you some photos which took with my colleagues.

So what do you think about the photos?
Yeah~ Our first and ever photoshooting~ Honestly, all of us were every excited since this was our first photoshooting (Except one of us). The heat was continue after few days until the photo released from the photographer. We are still waiting for the last batch of photos came out. hehe..


Wong How Jun said...

Print the photo into an album la. Then give me one copy. Hehe

Hui Yi said...

HowJun: haha.. we don't have the actual size soft copy le.. if not can consider put in album..