Sunday, November 29, 2009

New Zealand Ice Cream

Sometimes, desire comes very sudden, it appears without notice especially after hard work.

This morning, I was forced to wake up 5.30am in the morning and I started putting on make up. False lashes, eye shadow, eye liner and the complete set of make up took me around 1 hour to complete. Then, my friends and I rushed to Batu Ferringi for our very first photoshooting.

The photoshooting was ended after 4 hours plus, photos were taken from sun rise to hot sun and until the weather changed to cloudy. Now I learnt that photoshoot was an exhausted activity. Most of us went back directly to get a good rest after the hard work. However, I went out with my bf since I was in Island.

Desire attacked suddenly after we got back to main land. The little devil in my heart kept on whispering 'ice cream, ice cream..'. The devil won this round by default since the little angel in my heart was missing. Therefore, we headed to McD. I used to eat chocolate sundae of McD Whenever I feel down. This is because I always believe chocolate can make us happier and this had been proven scientifically. On the other hand, I'll eat it too when I was very happy. This is the power of chocolate and the successful of McD marketing and R&D. Sadly, McD failed to cheer me up this round. Ice cream was not available due to machine broke down!!

Well, since McD turned us down, we changed our direction to New Zealand ice cream. We rewarded ourselves with this.

The 'Designer Sundae' with ferrero Rocher and Hersleys' chocolate sauce~ Well decoration right? Wait, where is the chocolate sauce? Here it ceoms.

Yummy yummy~ Let me introduce the flavour of the ice cream. From the left, it was spotty dog, light chocolate flavour with crunchy chocolate chips inside. Then, walnut butterscotch with slight yellowish colour. The special ice cream with sticky texture and strong sensation. Lastly, the white chocolate with raspberry. One of the girls' favourate which it was slightly sour and the flavour was not too strong.

The ice cream definitely pleased my little devil well. But, it is always hard to please everyone at the same time. My lovely purse was crying for the early existance of the little devil. This is because we can get 30% discount tomorrow!!! New Zealand Ice Cream was doing promotion on every 30th for 30% discount.

Hm.. nevermind. Next round I should please my lovely purse on 30th of the month. Ok? I promise you.


Wong How Jun said...

I thought thus round I paid?

Hui Yi said...

How Jun: yala...then i help ur wallet to complaint mah

Wong How Jun said...

Walao. Like that also can? This post is very long. Read till abit tired. But anyways it's a nice post. Gambate