Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Challenge our limit

What happen? So many people gather? Riot gonna happen? or 2012 become 2009?
Why everyone run to the direction of bridge? Island gonna sink? Tsunami gonna happen? Ai ya, secret revealed, the photo was taken too close to one the of girl.

Answer was revealed. This was the Penang International BridgeMarathon which had been organised annually. Everyone was working very hard to complete their marathon in order to obtain their medal/ certificate.

Surprisely, I was one of the participate this year. I was being persuaded by my colleagues and I joined the marathon. When we decided to do something, we must challenge our limit. And, I participated into this category.

Opps, sorry. Not the full marathon. When we wanted to challenge our limit, yet we have to measure our own capability at the same time. That was the reason, I chose this at the end.
Fun Run still consists of its challenge, ok? Not many people are willing to participate in marathon and not all people are able to complete the marathon as well (although there are 99% completed :P)
Of course, we set our target by running within the time given (10km - 1 hours 30 min).
And, we able to make it.


Wong How Jun said...

I'm sure your legs ache like hell after the run right? lol...Anyways, your blog is getting more fun to read. the plot is well planned!

Hui Yi said...

How jun: Although legs ache but it was worth. So, my next steps should improve my grammer lor?

FOO said...

No worry, ache on Hui Yi's leg and it hurts on How Jun's heart :D

Hui Yi said...

foo: -_-''