Monday, July 7, 2008

Pulau Kapas

After completed my two months course, all of us decided to go for a trip - Pulau Kapas. Some of you might not heard about it, actually it is a island near Terrenganu. Of course, it is not well developed like Pulau Redang or Pulau Perhentian. But, the whole trip was quite cheap.

The scenery there is very nice, the sea water is very clear. My friend told me it is just comparable with Pulau Redang.

But one of the bad thing is, u can see this in the water.

Can see that? A very CUTE jellyfish. That time we went for snorkelling and one jelly fish was just right beside my friend and I. We really swam very fast that time when we noticed it. Haha! Actually the jellyfish was not really harmful because one of my friend did touched by the jellyfish but she just looked fine. :)

Besides from snorkelling, actually we were brought to a turtle rehabilitation centre. That time I didn't take along my camera so can't show you all the photos. The turtles there were so cute and small size, most of them were just as big as a palm. They were just 1 month old and we were very close with the turtles but we were not allowed to touch them.

Except from snorkelling and visiting the turtles rehabilitation centre, we played volley ball and also 'monkey' at the beach.

Then, we sat at the beach side and enjoyed the sun set. Such a beautiful scenery.

Besides, we also enjoyed watching star at night. The stars at night in Pulau Kapas was extremely beautiful, bright and big. I even saw a metoer that night.

Oh ya, the other bad thing in this island was the food here extremely expensive.
What to do, the restaurant owner monopoly the business in the island. *sigh*

Anyway, I really enjoyed the whole trip.


euthanasia said...

good, i can see the water close to drinking standard. so damn clean la compared to penang. one day i wish i can b there too...was the water cold? can fish there?

Hui Yi said...

euthanasia: ya the water was cold. I don't think can fish there la..

sook yee said...

huiyi, thank you because u save my life when the jellyfish juz beside me ... Also, i stil remember d times we playing sand...u look like so pity tat time because we take tat oppotunity 2 molest u....haha....

Hui Yi said...

sook yee: haha~ where got save ur life. yalor, i should put up the photos that i being molest.. sob..