Monday, June 23, 2008

Food, food, food

Let me refresh back to the time in MARDI, Serdang.

Mardi, Serdang

And the food that we produced at that time~

Curry chicken

This food cooked by us and we sealed it in the can. The main purpose was just let us understand how the can sealed and way to preserve the food. Well, actually we learnt it in university time.

Fried Pineapple

Have you ever heard of fried pineapple? This time we produced it in MARDI. It looked similiar with nuggests but inside was pineapple but not meat. A very special texture, crunchy outside but juicy inside. It is frozen food so we put it in fridge and fried it when we want to eat.

Fried banana

I think this is not special, it is easily available everywhere. But, the special way is it is frozen food. It can keep in fridge.


Wao~~my favourite food processing. We made the chocolate and put it in mould~ It is not easy to produce chocolate with high quality, no blooming and with shining surface. I enjoyed this class.

Jelly candy

Erm, not really special but i like those shape. We purposely choose blue colour cause blue colour jellies are not available outside. Haha~ The jellies that we produced were too sweet.

Fried Nangka

This is quite special for me also, hard to see this product selling outside. The texture was nice, very crunchy and not really oily (if process it correctly).


We produced our own mee~~ Haha! But not really taste good, too soft.


One of my favourite bread~ It really taste as good as the commercial croissant. But after the food processing, i think i'll take it less because this food is really bad for our health. It made by using lots of hydrogenated butter, means it is high in tran fats. So, friends, do not take this too much.

Mexican Bun

Mexican bun~ Not really taste good, can't comparable with Roti boy.. Sadly.

Dried Papaya

Some people said it was nice. But I'm not really like it, too sweet.

Nata De Coco

Finally i know the processing method of Nata De Coco. It is make from coconut juice and undergo some reaction with microbe (fermentation), and that is how nata produced. This food is very high in fibre and good for health. So, take more. Haha~

Actually there were more food that we had produced, but sadly I didn't take the photos. So, how are those food, look nice right? hehe..


June Yan said...

wah, learn so many thing.. so good

Hui Yi said...

june yan: yaya, quite enjoy during the course. haha

Ching-y said...

i wan someee.... *drools all over*

Hui Yi said...

ching-y: haha~ too bad u r too far away..

ZEN SHAN NG said...

wow... seems like u are having lots of fun during the course... btw... all the food looks interesting~~~

Hui Yi said...

zen shan ng: yaya, a very good and enjoyable course. :)

abdaziz said...

Greeting Ms hui yi.
The fried nangka is quiet interesting. It is the first time i heard nangka can be fried. If u don't mind can u give me the recipe? and thanks for writing the this blog. my english improved alot since reading your blog.

Best regards
abd aziz ltc

Hui Yi said...

abdaziz: Actually there are no special recipe for fried nangka. We didn't add in any ingredients, but just plain nangka. Just fried it like normal food. But we were using machine to operate the whole process la. If make it manually maybe will be a bit hard.