Sunday, June 22, 2008


I am in Marang, Terrenganu now. My course in UPM had completed and now i continue my course in Terrenganu for 1 week. Then, it will be the end of my course. There are too many things that i want to post up here and share with all of you but the time is not allowed. Internet connection here just available in certain building, and it is a bit far from our doom(Ya, we staying in doom). So just let me share a little bit in Terrenganu. For the interesting part in UPM, Serdang, i'll post up another blog later.

Currently I'm staying in TESDEC company in Marang. The place here is some kind of very very 'ulu' place. So, there are no transport for us to go out and there are nothing around us, except for bushes and forest. Luckily, they provided us bus to fetch us to Kualan Terrenganu on Sat (no class) so that we can actually explore around Terrenganu.

When we just reached Kuala Terrenganu, we noticed that mosques are available everywhere. Even you are walking, there must be a mosque somewhere around you.

Landmark in Kuala Terrenganu

Then, the buildings here are quite different from Ipoh and Penang. Even the lamp post here were well decorated. But, if compare to the level of development, it is not really well developed like Penang. Terrenganu should be a rich state due to the petroleum production, but i wonder why they are not really developing?

Oh ya, there is a type of bus here called 'Bus Bandar' which is very special and attractive. The bus fare is cheap and it just cost us for RM1.00 thru and flo to any places

Bus Bandar (Coffin Bus??)

Then, we went around town and went to the market (Pasar) here. Many types of special food were selling here which we cannot see it in other places. Of course, one of them was turtle eggs. This is the first time that i actually saw a turtles eggs selling in the market like normal food. It is as big as a table tennis ball but it is very soft even after cook. I saw people eating turtle egg, they just poked a hole on the turtle egg and sucked the liquid out. Yak!!! For me that is disgusting. Of course i didn't buy the egg because i felt that action is cruel and turtles are facing extinction and why we still have to eat them???

Turtle Eggs - 10 for RM22

After that, we went to the state musuem in Terrenganu. That musuem is extremely big and very beautiful. Front view for the State Musuem

Side View

Then, the famous Batu Bersurat which we read it in History. It is smaller than I imagine. I thought it should be as big as a big wall? In fact, the size just about a small TV.

Batu Bersurat

Lastly, we saw a very beautiful crystal mosque when we were on the bus. Somebody told me that the government actually spent a lot of money to build this up.

Crystal Mosque

Lastly, the Mcd here, with Jawi words.

McD in Terrenganu


shanZEN said...

omg... they are actually selling the turtle eggs everywhere...
malaysia is really full with bunches of hopeless uncivilised people...

Pearl said...

Thank you for not buying or eating the turtle eggs.

True, it is very sad these people does not know much about turtle.

And do you?

Just to share: A mother turtle can lay 6 to 8 sessions in one season as she can be impregnate by 5 males turtles.

Each time she lays about 150 eggs which approx 135 to 140 babies will survived after 60 to 65 days.

The saddest part is after she has laid 1000 babies which swims out to the big blue sea, only 1 will come back to its original spot where they are born.

You can see these strong lucky 1 (ONE) who survived not being eaten by Man, Sea animals or fisherman on the net. When? after 25 years, please return to these spot you saw her leave to the big wide world.

Save the turtles. I share more detail from my site


Hui Yi said...

shanzen: ya, sometimes we can't blame them because they do not know much about the situation of turtles.

pearl: wao, actually i'm not really know much about turtles. Thanks for your information. :)