Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Course in MARDI

I am in KL now, staying in UPM hostel for the TESDEC course. The first day when we came here, we noticed that there was NO FOOD in UPM. What??NO FOOD? Yes.. all the cafes in UPM are CLOSE during sem break, which is totally different with USM (In USM there are hardly to have 'no food' situation happens, right? The worst there are still some malay stalls open). Then, UPM is the biggest local university and it is very hard for us to actually walk out from UPM. There are bus services in UPM,but due to the sem break, it is barely for us to see a UPM bus here. Fortunately, there were friends took us out to have our meal outside, or else the next day you all can read newspaper with the title 'USM students were starved in UPM'.
My room in UPM

During the first day of our course, we went to visited Gardenia. (for coursemates: Ya, Gardenia again, second time). As usual, we were given a bag of bread. Then, our practical was started in MARDI during the second day. There are different types of practicals for us everyday.
For the first few days, we almost went out everyday. Then, one of our friends brought us to a restaurant with the name of 'Fusion Heaven' in Sri Petaling. The food there very nice not only in the sense of taste but also the appearance. Every food was decorated by their own unique way. Wao..delicious.

Fish Fillet (forget the actual name), look nice right?

Dessert - ice cream with muffin topping

Oh ya, The internet connection here damn slow and it kept on disconnect by itself. Furthermore, the msn was blocked in UPM. *sweat* So, i can't log in msn during this period and i'll try to keep on update my blog here.

msn road in UPM with hardly msn connection

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Lovely pictures and the food looks yummy! It seems that you are having a great time during your course, exploring the new place and the food there. Keep us posted with more updates!