Friday, May 30, 2008

Leaving Penang

It has been three years, i staying in Penang. I still remember during the first week in the orientation of usm, i felt like i was attending a camp, a very relaxing camp which we actually had time to take a nap every afternoon. The memories were freshly remember as if it was just happened yesterday.

Penang, a place which is quite easily to adapt with. Many many things happened throughout these three years, and i had treated here as my second home. The most valuable thing i would say is the friendships that builded up in these three years. I get to know lots of friends from other states, get to know the different cultures and different thinking of people from other states, get to go many places for trip, went to friends' houses at other states and shared all the ups and downs which was hardly to describe in words. There are too much stories i can tell and i wonder how it gonna be fitted in this blog.

I didn't notice that actually Penang brought me such a wonderful memories. Of course, in my bottom of heart, Penang is not comparable with Ipoh which is my home town. Ipoh, is always the best place to stay, producing the best food in Malaysia. But, some of the wonderful memories were written down right here, Penang. Until today, finally i gonna leave penang soon, on this coming sat. I'm going to continue my course in KL for 3 weeks and followed by Terrenganu, 1 week. After that, i'll be back Ipoh again, except i get an job offer right after my course. So, if i get a job other than in Penang, i won't be back penang anymore.

At this moment, suddenly i noticed that i'm gonna miss Penang a lot. Miss all the friends here, some of them who i might have no chance to meet them again. Miss all the memories. I guess the feeling was just same like when i was leaving Ipoh and came Penang for my tertiary education. Life is like that, keep on changing and continue, without give us a chance to actually stop and look around. We have to keep on moving fwd, from stage to stage. There is another stage of life waiting for me, maybe i'll have another interesting stories waiting for me. But, i'm sure i miss all of you.

Thanks all of you that leaving such a good memories with me. And for those who actually read my blog, thanks for supporting my blog and bear with my broken english.

Oh ya, i might not be online in the coming month, because i wonder there is internet connection for us in UPM? I guess no.. Gonna miss the internet connection.

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Anonymous said...

We will meet again, very soon ^^