Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Bali Part I

What had you done during the past Chinese New year? Visited relatives? Gambling? Gathering with friends? Well, during the first day of Chinese New Year, I was not in Malaysia. I was in Bali~ Ya, I had a trip there with my whole family members~~

Ok, let me tell you my trip in Bali. Basically, Bali is consists of beaches + temples + cheap stuffs + spa. When you think of Bali, you will think of beaches. There are a lot of beaches in Bali and we just able to go two beaches (I think there should be not much difference for beaches right?). I went to Nusa Dua Beach, and Beach at Kuta (if I'm not mistaken).

This is the Nusa Dua beach.

If you are a beach lover and you like water sport as well, here is the place for you. Vast variety of water sports available here. The most attractive one is the Dive walker.

So far I didn't see this available in Malaysia. For the dive walker, They'll put weight around ur waist as a belt to avoid you from floating up the sea water. Then they'll put a ballon -like glass on your head for you to breath. Simple hand gestures were taught before you done down so that neccessary communication still can be done.

This is the amazing part whereby you can breath by your nose and you can WALK under the sea!!

See~ Fishes like me.. hehe

The dissapointing part was the coral in the sea was actually being polluted and they had shown their dismay with their dull skin colour. We spent almost whole day time there just for the water sport.

Then, we went to Jendela Bali, GWK Cultural Park.

Here, we saw a lot of big big statues of their God. According to my Tour Guide, there are 3 Gods they believed in, Wind, Water and Fire. Forgive me that I had forgotten their actual name.

All the blocks in the photos will be tranformed into statue after completed. At that time, the world highest statue will be located in Bali after this park was completely built.

Again, we went to beach at Kuta. This place is suit for surfing but sadly not much wind on that day. Actually I also do not know how to play surfing.

We were too exhauted to go down the water again, so we just took some photos.

Clear sea water~ plus hot sun

Next station- Uluwatu Temple. A temple which located above a mountain and this is the place you can see nice view.

Why am I wearing a purple skirt? Well, I was wearing a short pant on that day. According to Bali culture, a proper attire was needed in order to enter their temple to show our respect to the God. So, for those who wear short pant, you are compulsory to 'wrap' with cloth and tight up with a small piece of cloth. (This will be provided at the entrance of the temple).
This is the view that you can see when you go up the temple.

This is a great place for sight-seeing! But remember, never wear sun glasses or cap when you go there. This animal was not really friendly there. If you insist to do so, please shop around and prepare to buy another new one.

This was how our day 1 trip gone. Stay Tune for Day 2.

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