Friday, May 9, 2008

BigMac Chant - Free Big Mac~

I had won a free Big Mac today~ so exicted!! Don't worry, i'm not the selfish type, let me teach you all how to get a free Big Mac too! I'm sure most of you saw this advertistment before in newspaper or in McD themselves. But i noticed that most of my friends around do not know what this advertistment about!

Ok, basically, this advertisement told us the way to win a Big Mac in Mcd. How? Firstly, you need to order a set of McValue (medium or large will do). Then, they will give you a piece of paper like this.

Front view Back view

*Two all-beef patties
Special sauce, lettuce,
cheese, pickles, onions,
On a sesame seed bun.*

Read the McD chant within 4 seconds, then you'll get a free Big Mac! Is it easy??

This is the voucher where you can claim the Big Mac anytime (within the period of promotion of coz)

Yeah~ my free Big Mac~


Anonymous said...

Wow, your big mac looks nice!!! Have not tried it before, guess i m going to try it soon ^^"

Anonymous said...

i also have tried this.hehe..but too bad, i dun eat beef, so leave it to my bf d. n -cp-