Monday, May 12, 2008


I thought after my graduation, I'll be completely leave the nightmare....who knows, today, the nightmare attack me again!!! ARGH!!Some of you might not know what am i doing now. For your information, i'm jobless now and i'm attending a 2 months course - Quality Assuarance from TESDEC in USM. This course basically provided by the government of Terrenganu to enhance our skill and knowledge before we step out from the comfortable university life. Since i'm jobless now, so i just join in.

For the first week, we have some lecture like usual. Then, from this week onwards, we'll be doing lab. I don't mind to do lab but i HATE to do lab report.....Now, here the nightmare comes....


YanBluebell said...

anyway, gd luck!!!
u will get a job, dont worry!

Hui Yi said...

yan: Thanks :>