Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Different hair style

I noticed that my physical look change a lot since the past few years, different hair style and also different weight (become fatter and fatter.... sob..) My photo during Form 3 (15 years old). A very normal hair style and still very thin at that time.
Hi-lighted my hair right after completed STPM (19 years old). With a longer hair, started to gain weightCut my hair the day before entered university(20 years old). Became extremely thin when stayed in hostel (cause suffered over there...)
My hair became longer again~(21 years old) but gained a lot weight too...
Perm my hair(22 years old)~Most of the girls said the hair style was nice. But most of the guys said it was bad...
1 year after i permed my hair.. Became straighthen a lot.
Yeah~ Latest look. Short hair~ (and fat look).

So, any comments? Which hair style look best?


euthanasia said...

dude, you're good looking as you are. Don bold can d. LOL. Get some warmth la

sonja owen said...

Its really awesome, that's the blog you admire I liked it.
Beautiful Hair styles
love you guy
sonja owen