Sunday, May 4, 2008


Finally~ i set up my new blog. Previously, i had the habits of writing blog in msn but after some times i had stop it due to some certain reasons, and now~i gonna start my blog again~~

At this time, i am in the state of unemployment. Why? Cause i just completed my degree, which means my university life just ended. omg!!! Some people congrate me for graduating, but is this a good news? I'm not sure about it, but i confirm that working life gonna be totally different with study life.

Actually i have many things that want to say to my friends, especially friends in uni. I remember in the beggining of university, i felt that my coursemates have a different thinking with me. Most of my coursemates are 'kia su' type and like to sit in the room and study all the time. And, i am the type of outgoing, doesn't like to stay in a room for entire day. After some times, my coursemates, especially my gang change a lot (of course i change too at the same time). Our frequency become closer. 7 of us in the same gang, where other coursemates like to call us as seven faires since we have 7 members among us. Thanks for all of u!! without u all, my uni life will not be so colourful~i'll miss the moment that we hanging out, went for trips, and searched for penang food together~haha~

secondly, the bunch of people that i want mention here of course is my housemates and some of the 'half' housemates. half? why half? cause they are not staying with me but they will appear in my house most of the time. Thanks to them so that i am able to go for so many places, and i'm able to discover places for supper and lastly thanks for helping me to GAIN weight by calling me to supper everyday (esp during 2nd year).

Then, the 3rd person, my best fren and best darling, sze yan. Ya i know, we r not keep in touch closely although we are in the same uni. But we did updated each other our own news when we met. Thanks for u accompany me since secondary school. All the while from secondary school till now, i noticed that you really grow up a lot. Take care yourself much especially you are in the different land now. Keep in touch!!!

Lastly, of course to all others my friends. Thanks all of u, thanks for growing up together with me.


Anonymous said...

Wah big girl already. I have no idea time travel that fast. So fast my this beauty princess have grown into a lady. Now looking for a job already. Well congrats my dearest comm. Mr. Tan would like to say, ALL THE BEST in future venture. BUT do drop by and see me when you have time ok? Cheerio. Smile always.

Hui Yi said...

Mr Tan: Wao, i can't imagine that you actually read my blog! Haha.. If i have time i'll go to visit you. :)