Sunday, March 11, 2012

South Island Road Trip

Got this from my friend's GPS recently. This was our South Island trip after we worked hard for few months. The best reward for ourselves during the working holiday. It just like a dream for me, it seems so fake when we looked back but it was truly happened! That was the first time I called myself backpacker, that was the first time I stepped out Malaysia with guts and undoubtedly, that was the first time I being so far from Malaysia and stayed in another country for such a long time.

During this trip, we drove 3500km in 14 days with our own car. Amazing! Luckily there were 4 drivers in the car, taking turn to drive definitely allowed everyone had enough energy to explore around New Zealand. I would said the first day was the craziest day which we drove 593km with about 8 hours driving. However, this definitely the most wonderful trip I've ever been. We planned the whole trip by ourselves, drove around by car, explored around,  and used the least fund to complete it! Yes, I believe this gonna be the best story I'll tell my grandchildren in the future. 'Hey, your grandmother went for working holiday and did the bungy jump and sky diving!'


idyllrain said...

"Po po jumped out of fei ji! Then jumped off a bridge!"

Hahaha, I can imagine that and its hilarious! Your grandkids would be like: "Wow, we suspected she was crazy... but this confirms it!" in their kid language.

~ Josh

Anonymous said...

Hi hhuiyi, how your friends extract this interesting information from the GPS device?
Must have special GPs?