Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Fai Kee Fish Head Mee Hoon 辉记 @ Ipoh

I think those who are from Ipoh should be familiar with this shop. If u born in Ipoh and you never taste this, then u better pay a visit to this restaurant.

Yes, the best fish head mee hoon restaurant. Whenever we talked about fish head mee hoon, we will automatically relate it with this shop, it is just like whenever you talk about oranges, you will think of Sunkist. I rarely eat fish head mee hoon simply because the taste doesn't induce me much. However, the fish head mee hoon in this restaurant is really attracted me. And I often have my breakfast here.

Fish Meat mee hoon without evaporated milk - RM6.00

The best part for the whole dish is the soup!! The soup is really tempting with the sweet and sourly taste (due to salted vegetable) and you can't resist by keep on slurping the soup. Yummy~ If you prefer to have a more traditional one, you may request to add the evaporated milk. 

Yes, actually I ordered fish meat instead of fish head. Can you see how big piece of the meat ? They never stingy in serving the big portion of the fish meat. Fresh, big, and more are another selling point of the bowl! 

 Fried Pork Meat Bead - RM 6.00 (for medium size)
Another food/ snack that you shouldn't missed out in this restaurant is the fried pork meat!!! This freshly fried Pork Meat Bead give a chewy and juicy taste. 

One thing to beware is the portion of the Meehoon is really big, ladies like me who have a small little stomach only during in the morning  can order 2 bowls for three person instead of everyone get one. I can never finish one big bowl even though after years visited to this shop.

Name              :Fai Kee Restaurant 辉记小食馆
Address          :28, Jalan Seenivasagam, 30450 Ipoh. Google map
Location          :Same street with Oversea restaurant.
Operation Time:  Daily 6.30-4.00pm


Sam Chong said...

i would to get your FB can ? would like to ask something regarding your Working Holidays Information~ i see your blog that's very interesting because i also planning this~ and hope can get some suggestion from you~ TQ

Hui Yi said...

You are so funny, leaving comments in the fish head noodle ask regarding working holiday. Haha~ Let's keep in touch in FB.

Anonymous said...

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