Thursday, January 15, 2009

4th accident

I thought bad luck was leaving me after 3 consecutive accidents, but today, another accident happened on me. *sigh* All of you who read my blog must be thinking 'Har?Again?'

Ya, right. Today something ridiculous happened on me. This afternoon, when I walked out from company and going for lunch, I felt that something dropped into my eyes. So, after my lunch, I washed my eyes with water. But, I still felt irritated in my eyes.

The irritation was kept going until I off from work. Horrible incident happened. When the day turned dark and the light street was on, I found that I saw something weird.

Normally when we saw the street lamp, we should see the lamp something like the picture on right hand side. But, instead of that, I saw something like left hand side!!!

It was not only one lamp, but every lamp or even car light I saw that! Try to imagine, that is eyes and I was very scared. After that, I noticed that is a sand in my eyes, I tried to wash with water again but failed to take it out. Then I tried to remove it with eye drop and it was failed!!

Without hesistant, I rushed to clinic with my friend. That time was around 9.00 pm and most of the clinic had closed. Finally, we able to find a clinic which was opened. Then, I told the Dr. what happened to me and the Dr. told me he will try to remove it for me. Thank God, the small little sand was removed successfully and I felt relieved. But, when I stepped out from the room of the doctor, I still saw the same thing!! Quickly, I went in Dr's room again and the doctor helped me to check. Then, he told me, my eyes was hurt due to that sand!!! Just a small little sand, my eyes was hurt!!!

*sigh*. Then, the Dr gave me some medicine to apply. But, he told me I'll be recovered in few days time.

When is the bad luck going to leave me? Maybe I should go temple and pray..


Cyan said...

aiyaya, be careful lar. So big liao, dont let mme worry. from your dear. :O

Hui Yi said...

Cyan:'s not my fault, I can't control the wind and the sand. Anyway, I'm fine here, my eyes recovered already. :)

sookcheng said...

hello my dear, link me plz.

Wong How Jun said...

I hope the last accident became your last one. poor piggy.