Sunday, November 15, 2009

Little Magic

Some of my friends asked me for the reason for putting eye liner in my wish list. Instead, some of them just scolded me directly for that. Most of them think that I should not/ need not use this. *sob* I'm so pity. Girls are always wish that they can become prettier, right? I don't believe girls do not wish that or at least they won't hope that they will be uglier. This is also the main reason that some girls like putting 3kg of make up to make them look gorgeous.
So, in order to answer all my dear friends, let you show you the reason.
Of course, this is me. The very natural of me. This is how I look like in normal days or even most of the days. But, magic can be done by just doing slight changes. Ta da~
Still me, photo was taken at the same day with the photo above. Look different right? Basically just added two small magic - eye liner and false lashes. This is why cosmetic company earning more and more money every year.

In short, I answered the question indirectly. Do you satisfy with it?

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Wong How Jun said...

Put broom on the eye. Not very hygenic