Thursday, January 7, 2010

Coffee Lane

Honestly, I'm not a coffee lover. I never know what is the difference between a RM10 Starbucks coffee and the RM1 coffee in a kopitiam . For me, as long as the coffee is not too bitter/ too sweet, they are still acceptable (provided milk is added).

Until the day I met one of my friend, Terry, a super coffee lover, I learnt that coffee making needs a lot of knowledge and passion. All the while coffee just means coffee powder + milk for me. This friend of mine, he learned the proper ways to brew coffee, he learned about different types of coffee beans, he learned different kind of equipments for coffee brewing. He followed by investing in his dream and make it became true by opening a coffee shop named Coffee Lane.

His shop was well decorated by using 70's -80's century style.

Luckily the furniture was not same age with the decoration style.

During the opening of his shop, he showed us the coffee making by using a small cute pot.
The pot was just too small for him to hold. That's why he looked a bit puzzled.

The way to use a Aladdin pot for coffee making (sorry I can't remember the actual name).
Terry said we should rub the pot at this moment so that genie will appear and make our wish become true. -_-''

And, the most impressive method - syphon coffee. This is a very unique style (at least for me) of brewing coffee. It is just like conducting a test in chemical lab. According to my friend, this is the way to make a pure coffee. Firstly, you need to boil water by using conical flask- like equipment. Then put fresh crushed coffee powder into the funnel above the flask. The water will slowly goes up to the funnel above at certain temperature due to some scientific theory. Then, it'll mix with the powder and it will go back to the bottom at the end. Well, I'm not good in describing, but if you have the chance to witness the live show, you will say it is just like a magic show.
A good coffee doesn't need any milk and sugar to enhance it's flavour. It will be just nice to be tasted by itself. This time I really feel the difference of the coffee because the true coffee is not too bitter. After you drink it, you will feel your mouth watery but not thirsty. Don't believe? Try it.

Name: Coffee Lane
Add: 10B King Street 10200 Penang, Malaysia
Tel: 04-2610625 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            04-2610625      end_of_the_skype_highlighting


Wong How Jun said... check it out. I have a similar blog too

Wong How Jun said...

Went to his shop with my manager the other day. Now he has new dish d. Chicken chop which worth a try. By the way, I handle the pest control at his shop.

Anonymous said...

i like the design of the building! i like it much~

Anonymous said...

ur fren shud pay u advertisement seeing that u portray his shop very nicely

Hui Yi said...

Anonymous: I should consider to get some commision from my friend. ahha..

J-queline said...

really a nice restaurant, i went there b4 too~~

Hui Yi said...

J-queline: Really? you are Terry's friend?

J-queline said...

No, just my fren bring me there...